Iowa Reverse Box Walk The Corner step

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Horizontal step, assume right lead.

* Reverse box is a lot of fun because you tap with the beat (and clap if you like) and it momentarily slows you down. It is basically a step touch in a box shape on/off step. Entry position for right foot is facing West (left) side of step on floor (You've just chasse around from the front around the East (right side) to back behind the step and now facing West)

To teach this I've simply had the class hold kicks corner to corner, demoed the move and had them join in. Also can be down with just step touch box on floor.

** Walk the corner: again assume right foot lead. In this case you've just tapped with your right on the floor behind the step and you are facing the step at the West (left side) ready to step right.

To teach walk the corner, on the West end of the step, I start out with in place stepping with right foot on step and left on floor (facing the front) until count 6 when left foot moves back and I just say shuffle-kick and we blend the cha/cha & kicks corner to corner together and then do the other side. We repeat as many times as needed until everyone has it then I have them repeat again and I simple do the full walk with the same counts, they quickly get that the right foot hits the step on 1 & 5 (in the case of the right lead).

The 1/2 revolve & chasse I teach by (R. Glick method):

Then change to:

Then i have then repeat again, and I demo the 1/2 revolve and walk 4 around as they are doing 1 basic and march 4 in place and we all join at the knee repeater. This is repeated for the other side. Then I have then join me a few times doing the 1/2 revolve, walk 4 and knee repeater.

Once we look good, I change the 4 marches to 1 box step around

Once we look good, I change the 1 box step around to the 2 chasse.

So then everyone has 3 ways to move after the 1/2 revolve, box or chasse.

Probably the biggest obstacle to overcome is the direction to walk/box/chasse after the 1/2 revolve and I don't know how to cue this aspect very well (if you know TELL ME). With a right lead revolve, the walk/box or chasse begins on the right foot going to the LEFT of the direction you are facing, so in the case of the box or chasse it almost forces you to spin (is that a bad thing? [grin])

I hope you understand and enjoy. If questions please email me.


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