Brycie's Hot Legs (served on a paper plate)

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One of my favorite inner thigh workouts is with a paper plate. You need to take a step platform and stand it up on the short end for support and balance. You then put a paper plate under your right foot, closer to your toes. Standing behind the step platform and holding on to it, which is up on its short end with the flat side facing you, you slide your right foot out to the side for 4 counts and drag it back in for 4 counts, sliding on the paper plate and bending your supporting left leg (like a one-legged squat) at the knee as you go. After I do several of those, I continue to work the supporting quad by taking that same sliding leg straight back in a sliding lunge straight back, again bending at your left knee. Of course with this one, you want to make sure your left knee does not fall past your left toes. After you do several of these, you switch to the other leg. These are great and the more drag you put into it, the more resistance you are using. I always feel this one the next day.

Obviously, this works your inner thighs and your quads/glutes on the side-slide, and the quads/glutes again with the slide to the back. It is always a lot of fun when I start handing out the paper plates at the beginning of my morning step/sculpt class. Any new participants think that they are about to indulge in a croissant or something. (My regulars KNOW what they are in for! :0)

I hope you can put this to good use! It is different and a lot of fun! Please email me with any questions or comments (please mention this post in the subject line. Thanks!).


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From: Peachtree City, Georgia (USA)
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