Silly's Sizzling Step

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Explaining time:

First Combo:

*Zigzag stomp: very fun, easy to do, hard to explain in text. This stomp has lots of movement. First stomp is on the bench, the next 2 stomps are on the floor. Then a cha cha cha takes you back in toward the bench, going to the other side. First stand behind your bench, facing the left side of the room. RIGHT stomp on end of bench, keep walking away and do a RIGHT stomp BEHIND you (like your hips rock back), and keep walking toward the left side of room, and do a right stomp crossing in front of you (like a mambo). Add a cha-cha-cha to bring you back in to the bench. Repeat the zigzag on the right side of the bench (and side of the room). All of those stomps will be LEFT foot stomps. The foot placement of the stomps that change to make it a zig zag.

*Up, up straddle X: is basically two traveling up, up, straddle downs. Just go up up, straddle the bench but moving forward, then up, up straddle down, moving backward (you are using the whole length of the board).

*Stomp, spin, swing home: this move will be taking place as you are on a short end, facing the bench. So if you are facing the East side of the room, use this as an example: left foot stomps and pushes off the bench, spinning you toward the front of the room (with your shoulder turning toward --not away from --your bench). (counts 1 through 5) Then right foot steps onto the bench (6), left foot crosses behind you (swings) (7), Right foot steps to the right (8).

Second Combo:

The first 16 counts, I teach completely facing the front, this way...
2 curls on top (4)
then staying on top of the bench...
mambo front/ march on top (4)
mambo back/march on top (4)
lunge, knee, down/down. (4)

Then they stick with that while I demonstrate the reverse option:

The 2 curls on top becomes 2 reverse curls on top, which will take the next 8 counts facing the back of the room (heavens!)...

Mambo front/march on top (front --I mean in front of their bodies which will now be toward the back of the room since the curls reversed them) (4)
Mambo back/march (behind your body because you are still facing the back of the room). (4)

Then, the last 4 count will change from a lunge, knee, down/down to a lunge, hopturn (back to home), down/down. TA-DA! Now you're facing front again.

*L-Shuffle (8) half an L-step, but keep the knee up on count (4) and cha-cha across the board long ways, but exit HOME. (4)

*Stomp, Straddle, Scoot over:
Stomp right (1,2)
Take right foot and straddle the step (3)
Take left foot completely over the step and tap it behind your right foot (4)
Stomp right foot on floor (still straddling the bench) (5)
Left foot goes back over the step (6)
Right foot now taps behind left foot like a mambo back (7,8) --FUN to do, hard to explain in words.

*Swivel (4) (I used to call it a Rocking mambo, but Deb Puskarich called it a Swivel and I liked that better). It is a mambo but on the rock back part you really have to sway your hip back (like half of a zig zag stomp!) while you travel to the side of the step. Then this allows you to do a spin on the floor toward the front of the room.

*Traveling rocking horse: for them to preview this move...give them the base move as a rocking horse, then 2 basics (repeat this twice while you show the traveling component) It is really half a rocking horse followed by a reverse hopturn.

So if you are facing the West side of the room...
Right foot steps on bench (1)
Left foot curls (2)
Left foot on floor (3)
Right knee comes up and STAYS up (4), but right hip opens up so that when the right foot comes down, it's actually on the bench, facing the EAST side of the Room and do a reverse hopturn to face the back of the room (counts 5,6,7,8).

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