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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15030)

3 32-count combos, all self-reversing and tapless. Level: advanced. I think. Choreo explanations at the bottom of each combo. Feel free to email with questions or comments, and a big thank you to all who contribute to these pages! And a special one for Lethal Leslie for her recent contributions, I love them! You'll probably see some of your moves in my choreo...

Combo 1

* Stomp-and-over (courtesy to Pstep!): stomp right foot in center of step, left foot lifts slightly (1) left foot steps on floor in place, while right foot lifts slightly off step (and), right foot stomps and propels you into a clockwise half turn over (2), left foot steps down on North side of step (facing the back) (3), right foot steps down next to it (4).

** Chassee over, rock back: (takes you back home: chassee: 1-and-2 over the step, rock back on home side)

*** Swing & stomp. This is a double stomp + a single stomp, only the double stomp is done entirely on the step: right stomp on step (1), left comes to step behind right, right lifts slightly (or kicks out to the front while you add a hop on left -- hence the 'swing') (2), right goes back to step (3), exit left, right (4,5). Then add a single stomp with left

Combo 2

* The reverse starts with the same leg that you've just stomped your step with

** Knee straddle, chacha: right foot to step (1), lift left knee (2), left down in straddle position, so on home side (3), right down in straddle position, left lifts slightly (and ), left down, right lift, ready to start the stomp (4)

*** Double ham-curl hop over: left to step (1), lift right heel, hop on left foot (2), right taps floor at north side of step (3), lift right heel, hop back on on left foot (4), exit right, left (5,6).

Combo 3

* V-lift&turn, V: start out like a regular V-step (right on step wide (1), left on step wide (2)), then right steps down, body turns clockwise, you are turning to face the back of the room (3), left leg lifts up sideways, swing it forward (to the back of the room) (4), left leg swings into the beginning of a V-step on floor, facing back, so it goes wide (5), right steps wide too (6), turn your body to follow your lead leg, so in this case over left shoulder, and step back toward step, left, right (7,8)

** Rhythm basic: step up left (1), hold (2), step up right (and), exit left, right (3,4)

*** Tap around the world: start out with alternating taps, tap step with left heel, hop on right foot (actually, both feet are on the floor) (1,2), tap step with right heel, hop on left foot (3,4), repeat (5-8). Now, take it around the world: tap step with left heel, hop into straddle position (1,2), tap step with right heel, hop behind step facing back (3,4), repeat.

****Knee lift 'freeze': left hops on step, right knee lifts (1), 'freeze' for one count, arms are in pec-dec position (2), exit right, left (3,4)

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