Sonia's Wild Cards IX (Cardio Interval Class)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15034)

For a description of this class using the cards please see pattern #14225. Combinations are basic, 32 count, self-reversing, and tapless on a horizontal step.

4 - 5 minutes on the step followed by one minute anaerobcic cardio blasts (Wild Cards).

Combo 1

Repeat left

Wild Card 1

On the floor. Pendulums aka tick tocks. Low impact: keep a foot on the floor and do alternate abductors.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Wild Card 2

On the step: L-Squat Push. Lower intensity: just L-steps.

L-Squat Push:
1,2) step up right at left end, left knee lift
3,4) drop to a squat position off the left end, keeping the left foot on the floor push up to almost standing with the left foot
5,6) drop to a squat position again, push up to a left knee lift
7,8) exit home left and right

Combo 3

Repeat left

Wild Card 3

On the floor. Big, fast, skips. Low impact: slower, lower skips or big marches.

Combo 4

Repeat left

Wild Card 4

On the step. Alternate lead jump shots. Get some air on the jumps! Low impact: alternate taps or heel digs with zest.

Combo 5

Repeat left

Wild Card 5

On the floor: Cross country ski (aka running man). Low impact: alternate lunges/taps back.

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From: Texas (USA)
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