Lots of moving around

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15044)

Horizontal step, right lead, 32 count self-reversing.

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Mambo cha/cha pivot - My favorite move. mambo on the step, cha/cha diagonally to the back then pivot and return cha/cha.

3 Knee walk-over rock, I got this from Carole Paradise's workshop. Basically it is three alternating knees done in a skip like fashion. The first two knees are on the step, the third is on the floor then you rock back. You will end up on the front side of the step, on the floor, facing west.

Diagonal walk - A diagonal, in this case will be from the front of the step after the rock back, to the SW corner (lead switch - left foot) then after the diagonal on top, step, step and pivot then step back to bench and prepare for 1/2 revolve.

The 1/2 revolve takes you from the back to the front of the step again and finally you chasse back around to the back and prepare for the left leading mambo.

In this routine you are really getting a lot of atheletic floor movement which my classes seem to like. Once they know the foot work you can relly fly with this.

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