Sonia's Strength & Endurance IV (Complete Class)

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 15049)

Equipment: Step with 1 riser under each end, dyna-band, gliding disk, tube with handles, 1 pair of dumbbells.

Note - if you don't have gliding disks paper or styrofoam plates may be substituted. On hard floors a carpet square turned carpet side down will work too.

In tonight's class I decided to mix this up a little differently. We did all the strength work first. For this section choose weights one or two pounds heavier than you would normally use.

For the warm-up I used the dynamic warm-up series that I posted a few weeks ago. Then added some double step touches with arm circles, small squats, and plies and we were good to go.

Strength Section:

Resisted Push-ups - 8x-16x: drape the dynaband across your back and secure it under/in each hand. Do pushups from the chosen position....against the wall, on all fours, with legs angled back and toes either lifted or on the floor, or "guys" position.

*Weighted Squats & Heel Lifts. On the floor holding weights:
8x - squat center and up (1-4), lift up on toes and release (5-8). 8x - with feet in the same spot squat with butt moving right.
8x - squat with butt moving left.
16x - standing up do heels lifts only.

*Tricep Dips off the edge of the step or a chair if available.
8x-16x: How far out your feet are placed determines the difficulty. For a real challenge try lifting one foot for 8 and then the other for 8.

*Step and Drag:
8x: With the left foot on the gliding disk step wide to the right 1,2). Now press down hard with the left ball/toes of the foot as you slowly drag the disk in to meet the right foot (6-8).
8x: switch the disk and do the step and drag moving left.
Repeat sequence right and left.

4x-8x with weights in front of the thighs with palms toward thighs:
1-4) upright row.
5-8) pull the elbows back engaging the rhomboids.
9-12) from this pulled back position lower the elbows down to the waist so that upper arms are tucked into sides and hands are near the shoulders.
13-14) engage the obliques and move the right elbow toward the top of the right gluteus medius. This is a small move!
15-16) return to postion in 9-12.
17-20) repeat oblique move left.
21-24) lift elbows back to position in 5-8 (pulled back elbows)
25-28) release hands to front (top of upright row)
29-32) lower hands to start

*Lunge and Drag:
8x: with the left foot on the gliding disk step forward (1,2) with the right as far as you comfortably can. Now press down hard with the left ball/toes of the foot as you slowly drag the left foot forward next to the right (6-8).
Step off the disk and turn around. Switch the disk to the other foot. 8x: Repeat lunge and drag with the right foot on the disk.
Repeat right and left sequence.

*Weighted and Tubed Biceps:
12x: step one foot or both feet to the center of the tube with handles. Place a handle in each hand along with a weight. Do bicep curls slow and controlled - at least a 4/4 count.

Do some standing stretches before moving to the endurance section.

Endurance Section:

24x-32x: drape the dynaband around your bank and under the armpits. Wrap the ends around the hands as needed for resistance. Bring the hands to the front at 90 degrees and open to the sides for chest presses.

*Squats & Heel Lifts:
16x: with one foot on the end of the step and one foot on the floor, feet slightly wide toes forward; squat using a 2/2 count.
16x-32x: step off the step and do heel raises 2/2 count.
Move to the other narrow end and repeat sequence.

*Upper back:
24x-32x: Using the dynaband, begin with hands in front of the chest, elbows to the side, palms down - pull elbows back feeling the pinch in the rhomboids.

16x-24x: Place one handle of the tube in your right hand. Stand on the tube with your left foot anchoring it in place. Step forward over the tube with your right foot - the tube should now be on the outside of the right leg. Lift the right hand behind your head with the palm facing up. Place the left hand on top of the right hand and do tricep press ups.
16x-24x: switch postions so the right leg is back and the tube is in the left hand.
The more tube you have behind the back foot the more resistance there will be.

*Biceps: Stand in the center of the tube with handles. The farther apart your feet are the more resistance there will be.
12x: curl up, 6 counts to lift, 2 to lower.
12x: curl up, 2 counts to lift, 6 counts to lower.
May repeat or do a set with different counts.

Stay on the tube as above, but cross the tubes in the front to make an X. Keeping shoulders relaxed, neck aligned with spine, and abs lightly contracted lean to the right (1-4) and back up (5-8), lean left (9-12), and back up (13-16). Repeat right and left for a total of 8 on each side. Make sure the shoulders don't scrunch up. Watch points - scrunching shoulders and tilting heads (NO). Obliques and abs power this move.

**Sit on the step and do upper body stretches.

Lying on the step or on the floor: Put the tube with handles under the step or if on the floor under your sacrum. Take the handles and slide them over your feet adjusting the handles so the tubing is on the outside of the legs. Press the handles down tightly so they don't come off and snap you! Make sure that your students stabilize their core througout this. Do not let the back arch up.
A: Extend legs straight up feet slightly flexed. 8x: Open the legs slowly to the sides and close then slowly, 4/4 count. 16x: Open and close up tempo 2/2 count.
B: 8x: Open the legs to the sides slowly and as you bring them in cross the legs (scissors), alternating which leg is on top, 4/4 count. 16x: Scissor at tempo, 2/2 count.
C: 8x: With the feet lightly flexed draw the knees toward the chest. Keeping the feet pressed together open the knees to the sides. Close the knees and extend the feet. This takes 8 counts.
Now point the feet for 4 counts, then flex hard for 4 counts. Relax the feet a little and continue.
Then slow the first part of C down for 4 reps of 4/4 count.

**Go to the floor to finish stretching and relaxing!

Please email any questions or comments.


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