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                              By Clara
                        X X X X       X X X X
                                * X

Pinwheel Step is fun and easy to teach. Each person only needs one bench. They will just move from one to another, so you do not have to have several extra benches. There is 4 students to a PINWHEEL. Your moves should be ones that your classes are familiar with, as they will not be looking at you while stepping.

Step set-up

* is you at your Home Base
Begin on a right lead.
Stay on right lead around Pinwheel until you reach HOME.
Your options are to execute any 4,8,16 or 32 counts to get you to the next bench. (You can be creative and cross-phrase.)

(If you do 1 complete 32 count combo, you would come up with a 28 count and the last 4 count will get you to the next bench.

Get your members accustomed to going around the Pinwheel during the warm-up.

When you reach Home Base, You must create a combo that will get you to the other side of the bench to change your lead leg. Example:

This will get you to the other side of the bench. You will then be going the opposite direction. This is called your TRANSITION MOVE or combo.

Try it you'll like it!!!
If you have question email.

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From: Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)
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