Kauai - Advanced Ball Work

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15058)

This site needs more ball contributions - it remains one of my favorite tools and like with anything else I do feel the need to change out and change up the exercises often but there are only so many resources. Here's what I have come up with lately through book resources purchased on the Amazon.com site.

Standing side squat: using a body bar (or wall) for support - place your right leg long on top of the ball out to your right side, bar is in your left hand - left foot and knee angle forward, or maybe slightly out to the left - perform a small squat from here (4 count move), sitting back into it ensuring that your left knee stays over your left foot. You should feel a nice stretch in your right inner thigh as well as work. Start with 20 on each leg.

Curtsy lunge: step your right leg behind and across your left foot, finding a comfortable angle for your knees, left foot should aim forward, knee over ankle/foot - ball is underneath both or one hand - drop your right knee towards the floor and then come back up (4 count move). Start with 20 on each leg.

Belly balancing: (airplane) come belly down on top of the ball - starting with your hands on the front of the ball find a place you can balance on your hips and try to hold it for a few moments - for more of a challenge extend your hands out in front. Experiment with tight glutes and legs and with relaxing those muscles.

Forearm plank on ball: on your toes add a small walk lifting one foot and then the other.

Incline plank on ball: (long arms) - step your feet out and in, small movements.

Seated balancing: on top of the ball with legs in a "V" lift your legs and either hold the ball with your hands or extend to the side and try to balance.

All you ball instructors out there please submit more ideas so we can all remain inspired and challenged.

Thanks, Petrina

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