Hi Lo--fun , BLOCK ONE

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15070)

This is the first of 2 32 count blocks which I managed to merge together this morning. (to my surprise, as they are both tricky) I will try to be as clear as possible!

Block one: (lead foot, move, (counts))

After they got it I changed this last mambo to 2 jacks. Then:

Left X-step (8) -(I do this as 2 V-steps facing forward but the first 4 count V you move out-out (2)-in-in (2) FORWARD (2) then center (2) and the second V-step out-out (2)-in-in (2) you move your feet back (2) then center (2), although you are still facing front, thus the "X")

Left "lift and rock back" (-not sure what others call this) (4)
Right lift and rock back (4)

Lift and rock back: step left (1), swing your STRAIGHT right leg behind you (2), (you have pivoted facing the back now) rock right & left (3 & 4) back and then step right (5) and swing your left leg (6), you are now facing front from a pivot, step left (7) & rock right (8)...

Now grapevine and pony to your left and start it all again--this is complicated to write but simple to DO!!

There's more but I have to go teach---
email if you have questions or comments!

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