Put a little spring in your step (advanced, tap free)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15076)


Here is my latest, advanced, tap free, horizontal bench.

64 count self-reversing, total 128. Mild cross phrasing where indicated. Use of the word right or left, denotes the foot that will touch the bench and not necessarily the direction.

Combo I

Total 64 counts

* Shuffle, shuffle, walk, walk, mambo pivot (thank you to original poster see pattern #14855) this move is a cross between the shuffle turn and the walk away Joe. Right foot on bench, shuffle forward twice (2), on floor in stead of the turn, you walk walk, left right (2), step forward and mambo pivot with left foot (2), walk back toward bench left and right (2). So you start side approach facing left and end up side approach facing right. The lead change happens with the walk, walk.

** A-straddle, stomp, 1/1 back mambo. Right foot starts A-step, into a straddle down (4), right foot stomps the bench (or chug) or pegleg or whatever you want to call it), left foot lifts slightly off the floor (2), Right foot crosses behind left on the floor in aa 1/2 back mambo or rock back (2)

*** Charleston ski (thank you to original poster see pattern #14992) Start with a regular charleston (4), but add 4 fast ski's on the floor, or 2 slow ski's on the floor.

Combo II (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Triple V-step, do 3 right V-steps as follows. Regular, using bench (4), turn slightly toward left and using both the bench and floor do a right V-hangover, on foot on bench, one foot on floor (4). Then turning more toward the left, do a right do a right V-step using only the floor (4)

** Spin - is a 360 degree pivot, step right foot on bench (1) start to pivot around the bench, but make sure you do a full rotation , with left foot hitting floor first (2), put right foot down next (1). So you start off with a side approach facing toward left, you end up on other side of bench, facing the same direction.

*** Repeater tap and clap, simply tap you foot on bench and clap your hands each time you do.

Combo III (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Revolve (a full revolve would be 8 counts), these are 1/2 revolves and are 4 counts each, right foot on bench (1), left foot on bench (1), step down on north side of bench, right turning as you step down (1), step down left foot (1)

** 4 Knee repeater (thank you to original poster pattern #15000) simply do 4 knees, instead of 3

*** Weave - step up right (1), left foot swigs back behind right to north side of bench (2) right foot to floor (1)

Combo IV (mild crossphrasing)

This is done around the world from the step kick move, you end up in a straddle position so: ****
Right: 1 x curl straddle (4)
Left: 1 X 2 repeater hip extension, exit the bench (6)
Right: 1 x Regular repeater curl, straddle (8)
Left: 1 x 4 repeater hip extension, exit the bench (10)
Right: 1 x kick the corner (4)

Total: 64 counts

* Reverse turn straddle, right foot on bench in left corner (1) start to turn your body to face back wall. left foot on bench in right corner (1). You are now on top of the bench facing back wall. Straddle down, right and left (2) from here to into reverse shuffle

** Reverse shuffle turn. from above move you are in a straddle put right foot on bench, and instead of shuffling forward, shuffle backwards down bench x 2 and turn.

*** Step kick, tap kick. This move is a 6 count move, step on bench right foot (1), tap bench left foot (1), kick left foot (2) straddle down right and left (2)

**** From the straddle above you are ready to go around the world with a 1, 2, 3, 4 repeater combo of your choice, I used curls and hip, which is a total of 28 counts and the kick at the end adds my 4 for 32.

I teach this first going to each corner so 1 curl, in left corner, 2 hip repeater in right corner, 3 curl repeater in left corner, 4 hip repeater in right corner and the kick switches the lead.

Enjoy and email questions or comments.

Linda (Stepqueen)

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