Drive All Night Step

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Intermediate, self-reversing, tapless 32s

Block #1

Block #2

* 3 count V-step: this is just what it says it is. Do the first three counts of a V-step and omit the last count. Assuming right lead, right foot wide on the step (1), left foot follows in opposite corner (2), right foot down to floor (3) and left foot goes right into the stomp/rock on the other side.

** Test the water: double knee repeater (4) and where the third knee lift would go, tap the left foot/toes (assuming right lead) down onto the floor three times, lift the knee up and exit. 10 counts total.

Block #3 (I've used this in other postings, sorry if it's a repeat)

*** Arabesque: glute extension over the top and back (tapless). Same feet as a switch curl, only the extended leg is straight and the knee isn't bent like a ham curl.

Hope you can use some of it. Email me with questions or for breakdowns :)


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From: Manassas Park, Virginia (USA)
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