Spring Break fun!!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15081)

Mambo cha-cha, pivot cha cha = mambo right on left corner, cha cha to the back of the room, left pivot and cha cha back to the step.

Up-up lunge kick-kick cross = right up,1, left up, 2, right lunge, 3, right two quick kicks, 4, 5, right cross over left, 6 (still on top of step), step down left right 7,8. Repeat on left leg, but, on the repeat exit right left sideways to the step so that you can execute the shuffle step from an appropriate angle. (got this cute move from the moves BB and had to put it into combo today!!! I think it was called Playtime on the moves board.)

Shuffle stroll = right-left-right on beats 1-a-2 moving down the step, (like a cha-cha, but using the step) on beat 3 the left foot moves on past the bench as does the right on beat 4, on beat 5 the left foot pivots, on beat 6 the right foot finishes the pivot, walk back to the step on beats 7-8, resisting the urge to cha-cha on 7-8.

You will be ready to reverse the combo.
Email me with any questions.

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