Sonia's Connect The Dots IX (All New Final Connect)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15084)

Equipment: a step and weights for strength part only.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

Dot C: Drill (using the step)

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

*Charleston Ski:
1,2) step right, kick left
3,4) left foot to floor, lunge back right
5,6) on floor, jump and switch the position of the right and left foot - now right is forward and left is back
7,8) jump and switch again
To really make it intense do 4 jump and switches instead of 2!

Dot B: Strength

Dot C: Drill (on the floor)

Cross country ski - go as fast as you want. This is the same jump and switch move as in the charleston ski. For no impact simply do big taps/lunges back (alternate legs).

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

*Turning V-steps, with the right side to the step:
1,2) step forward onto the step right, step left foot wide on the floor
3,4) step back right and left turning in to face the step
5,6) up wide right and left
7,8) straddle down right and left facing east
Repeat 1-8 moving back to the start postion. So it is hang, straddle, hang, straddle, moving around the step.

**Step touch repeater:
1,2) with right side to the step, step up right, touch up left
3,4) step to floor left, touch right foot to left on floor
5,6) step up right, touch up left
7,8) walk down left and right, turning in to left side is to step

Dot B: Strength

Dot C: Drill (using the step)

*Set 4*

Dot A: Combo 4 - Connected Cardio Cool Down.

Combine the 3 combos and run through 2x at a low intensity. If desired weave through 1x.

Dot B: Strength - A combination of strength moves.

Dot C: Stretch, Yoga, and Balance Drills (hold as desired).

Long limbed participants or those with balance issues may need to do these on the floor. During the Yoga poses use the breath as for Yoga. You will stay on top of the step unless designated otherwise. Begin with your right side to the step on the FRONT side of the step (facing east):

If you are not familiar with Yoga poses just leave those out.

My class loved this routine!

Please email questions or comments.


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From: Texas (USA)
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