Fun 32 count

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 15087)

This is a simple pattern that can easily be intensified or toned down as needed. I'll give the basic version and then indicate how to add intensity after.

I call "Grapevine-and-a-half" as opposed to "Long Grapevine", because to me a Long Grapevine is a DOUBLE Grapevine (8 counts). Grapevine-and-a-half is an 8 count move too, but the GRAPEVINE part stops at count 5 and goes to a double ham curl.

Pattern:= listed as first move, second move as 1) 2) etc. Then lead leg as right or left, then the move, then the number of counts. Hope that's clear!

Repeat step knee starting left lead.

Here's how to pump it up:
# 1 through 3 stay same.

On #5 first double ham, swing the curling leg behind the stepping leg. (step right, swing left foot behind and then back into place)

On #6, turn the sing hams into a step left, turn over right shoulder to face the back, and continue revolving that way until you get back to facing front.

On #7 those double hams should also cross behind like #5..BUT on the second one (when your left leg is the final double ham cross behind) you can face the right wall and take it to all 4 walls, always switching walls at the final left double ham cross-behind.

I know it's sounding complicated...sorry! It's hard to write down.

Email me with questions!

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