Sonia's Connect The Dots Routine X (Step/Strength/Drills/Stretches)

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These combinations can be used by themselves as a step routine. They are 32 count basic, self-reversing, tapless combos.

Equipment: Step, dynaband tied in a circle or a spri band, weights. All the strength segments and drills are one minute each using 128 bpms (suggested speed for Connect The Dots). You may go through the strength moves twice if your class level needs that.

How this is connected: The first move in combo 2 is connected to the last move of combo 1 (i.e. a variation of it); each strength move and each drill is connected to the combo within that set. Set 4 connects all the moves and drills, and adds connected stretches as well.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

*Broken repeater:
1,2) Step up right, knee up left
3-6) Tap the floor 3x, lift the left knee (try doing the taps in a little semi-circle back - small hop on standing leg to release the ankle)
7,8) Exit the step left and right

1-4) Step up right and left squatting into it....maintain this squatted position
5-8) On the top step wide left and right
9-12) Step back in on the top left/right
13-16) Exit the step left and right coming out of the squat

Dot B: Strength

On the floor or on the top of the step (on the step adds some balancing too):

4x, T-arms with squats:
1-4) Squat down lifting the weights to the front, palms facing each other
5-8) Holding the squat open the arms to the sides
9-12) Bring arms back to the front, still holding the squat
13-16) Stand up and release arms to start
8x: Repeat the above sequence, cutting the moves in half (2 counts each).
Totals 128 counts.

Dot C: Drill

32x: Alternating sides do power squats on the floor - 4 counts each.

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

With dynaband around the ankles: alternate knee lifts with overhead presses. 8x with 4 up/4 down count. 16x with 2 up/2 down count. (Total of 128 counts). On the floor or on top of the step.

Dot C: Drill

16x, L-steps - mix it up (128) (i like 8 swinging L-steps and 8 L-squat push or 4x turning L-steps).

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

On the floor with dynaband around the ankles: alternate glute squeezes with rear delt presses. 8x with 4 up/4 down count. 16x with 2/2 count. (Total 128 counts)

Dot C: Drill

On the step: 16x power tap 'n' clap repeaters (128). Instead of tapping up do a little jump each time.

*Set 4*

Dot A: Combo 4: Connecting the combinations.

2x Run through all three combinations right and left. Weave the combos 1x.

Dot B: Strength

Part A: 4x, V-steps with rotator cuffs:

Part B: 4x, Rotating rotator cuffs; stand still using upper body only:

4x: Repeat part A with a left lead.

Dot C: Stretch & Balance Drills

Hold as desired. Stay on top of the step unless otherwise indicated. People who have balance issues may need to do these on the floor.

On top of the step facing front, feet a comfortable distance apart:

Inhale, lifting the arms to just below shoulder height, palms forward, open arms wide to the sides until you feel a pinch between the scapulae. Exhale. Inhale/exhale a few breaths as you hold. Shoulders relaxed, scapulae retracted.

Inhale slowly releasing the arms bringing them all the way to the front, rounding the back and lowering the chin. Press hands forward. Clasp the hands and hold..exhale. Inhale/exhale a few breaths.

Inhale lifting the hands overhead, straightening the back and raising the head slowly. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the scapulae retracted. Exhale.

Inhale opening the hands to a V-shape. Exhale. Inhale reaching the spread fingers to the ceiling. Exhale. Inhale/exhale. Inhale. Exhale releasing the arms by sweeping them down behind you to clasp the hands behind your bottom.

Inhale lifting the hands slightly. Exhale and release. Repeat lift and on an exhale unclasp the hands.

Inhale sweeping the hands overhead again. Breathe normally and do tricep stretches. Release arms.

X-stretch squat: standing on the left leg (still on top of the step) with a soft knee. Place the right ankle on the left thigh and squat (depth of squat is individuals choice), lifting the arms forward for balance. Repeat opposite. Steady breathing througout.

Standing quad stretch each side. Reach the opposite hand to the ceiling.

Take the feet wide with the toes turned to each front corner. Do slow inner thigh stretches to each side. Work the feet in on top of the step...turn east/right. Take the left foot to the floor on the front side. Lift the toes right for gastroc/ham stretch. Step back up left. Step off right (home side) and repeat stretches left. Do not return to the top, but take the left foot to the floor on the front side. You are now straddling the step.

Place hands on the thighs and round and release the back 2x slowly.

Walk the hands down the legs as far as possible..if you can take them to the top of the step that is great. Slowly straighten the legs taking care not to hyperextend the joints. The hinge is from the hips. Hold, inhaling and exhaling a few times. Take the hands back to the thighs; release the back and head, and round up slowly one vertebra at a time.

Walk forward to bring the feet back together and to face your students. Shrug the shoulders up and down slowly, pressing the hands towards the floor as you push down (2x-4x). A few shoulders rolls - all done!

I hope there is something out of all this that you can use.

Email any questions, comments, or suggestions.


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