Seated CardioBall for Every Body

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Seated CardioBall

Combo ONE:

Combo TWO:

Make sure each person is seated on the appropriate sized ball. All lifts are performed in time to the music; 124-130 bpms is appropriate. Lifting is not bouncing, it is a controlled movement, like a reverse squat. Feet should point forward, hip-width apart. More experienced members may sit with their feet closer together as a balance challenge.

Here are the moves:

Semaphore: (Basic level) Arms to front, palms down (1,2), Arms to sides, palms up (3,4), Arms to front again (5,6), Arms overhead, palms to the back (7,8). (More advanced) Add a lift on counts 1, 3, 5 and 7. Booty stays on the ball!

Take a walk: (Basic level) Dig right heel forward and back (1,2), Dig left heel forward and back (3,4). (Intermediate level) Alternate arm swings + add a lift on counts 1 and 3. (Advanced level) Alternate jabs + heel digs are replaced by front kicks.

Jacks: Dig both heels out while raising both arms into a high vee (1), Return both feet to floor in front of ball and place both hands on the ball, just below the hips (2), WHILE STILL TOUCHING THE BALL, raise the rear end off the ball and tip the body forward, knees straight but not locked (3), return to normal seated position on ball (4).

Ski: (Basic level) Step right foot to right side (1), bring left foot over to meet it (2), Step left foot to left side (3), bring right foot over to meet it (4). (Intermediate level) Both feet move to right side with feet close together (1,2), both feet move to left side with feet close together (3,4) (Advanced level) Use arms to simulate planting ski poles on counts 1 and 3.

Leg front and side: (Basic level) dig right heel forward (1) bring it back to start position (2), tap right toe to side, making sure to keep toes aimed forward to work abductors (3), return foot to start position (4). (Intermediate level) Add a lift on counts 1 and 3, and arms follow legs... front (1), in (2), sides (3), in (4). (Advanced level) Replace dig to front and tap to side with front and side kicks. Repeat above with the left leg.

Shimmy down: Walk the feet out 4 steps to semi-supine position. (1-4) Add upper body shimmy as an option. Men particularly find this amusing.

Right and left kick: kick right (1), return right foot to floor (2), kick left (3), return left foot to floor (4); you are still semi-supine for these.

Rope pull: walk the feet 4 steps back to normal seated position while making motions like you are pulling on a rope. (1-4) Think like a mime on this one...

Hello, Sailor: Place hands behind the head and pelvic tilt to the left (1,2) pelvic tilt to the right (3,4). Make fun of the men in class with these, tell them how natural they look... Actually, I give them a "yo-ho-ho" option, one hand over the eyes like they are scanning the horizon for pirates and the other hand on hip (1,2) repeat other side (3,4).

Breakdown: I always say that the real workout in a CardioBall class is in the breakdown. Teach each move as a 32 count drill, for example 4 semaphores, 8 walks, 8 jacks, 8 skis, 8 right leg front and sides, 8 left leg front and sides, you get the picture. The next time through, cut it all in half, last time through should be the final product, repeated three or four times.

Now I know why I don't post more seated CardioBall; yikes! it's hard to put into words. Have fun with this, and email me with any questions.

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