PG's Boomerang

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I borrowed this move from Patrick Goodeau's B.E.S.T. (best ever step training) video. I took out an extra turn that made me dizzy and then put it with a 16 count combo that I made up and could not come up with the other 16 counts. It is so much fun. It's my favorite

Begin with a side approach. This one alternates sides afer 32 counts

Part A (the boomerang)

(Facing left)

Repeat above leading with the left foot facing the opposite direction to total 16 counts.

Part B

(You are still at a side approach)

* Make sure they do a squat to smack the box, but do not let them bend over. Once you straddle the box all moves are done in straddle position on floor. Your feet do not touch the box again until you start over with the boomerang.

** This is very important or you will not be able to return to your starting position. Always begin the step-kick with the foot on the starting side of the platform.

Teaching tips. Introduce one section at a time and let them do it over and over until they are comfortable. then do the same with the second part. Then put them together. This may take a couple of classes but, once they get it, they will love it.

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