Sonia's Strength & Endurance VI (Complete Class/New Method)

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This isn't really a new method, but rather a method that is controversial...I agree partially! Now, before you just dismiss this as controversial and unsafe please read it carefully; better yet, give it a try FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES I have set up.

Years ago I used to do this and then ditched it because of all the controversy. In the past 6 months or so I have been revisiting this idea in what I consider a safe and effective manner. This has proved to be a great workout; the class loves it and I am vigilant about watching their form. At low bpms and light weights I have never seen a problem. I don't allow weights on the step for certain people in the class, but I always talk to them beforehand to explain why. It's never a problem. You must know your class well to make this work safely.

VERY IMPORTANT: I can't stress this enough, but the BPMS for the Endurance parts should be NO HIGHER than 118. Slow, slow is the way to go!! Anyone new to your class or whom you consider unconditioned should use NO WEIGHTS on the step. Anyone using weights on the step should NOT use more than 3 pounds - no matter what their fitness/experience level.

The BPMS for the Strength part can be up to 124...even to 128 (no higher please). The last time I did this I forgot to switch the bpms a few times and we loved the Strength moves S..L..O..W!! it is. Let me know what you think.

Equipment needed: Very light weights (1-3 pounds), medium weights, and heavy weights; a step with no more than 1 riser under each end. Note: by heavy weights I mean 1 - 2 pounds more than they would use normally.

*Strength: Using the postion of choice alternate 8 pushups with 8 triceps dips for a total of 2 minutes. I have some people that don't do tri dips, so I gave them alternatives. They can work at their own level, slow pace (you can count if out for them so they don't move too fast). If your class is advanced do this for 3 minutes.

*Endurance: Use no weights/or very light weights on the step.
8x, Right basic with biceps curl (32)
8x, Right V-step with lifts to the front in a V shape (32)
7x, L-step with taps and a walk home to alternate leads (56)
This arm pattern goes with the with the L-step:
(1-2) with weights hanging down at your sides, step up right, tap up left and shrug the shoulders up at the same time.
(3,4) step off the narrow end left and tap down right and release the shrug pushing the weights down slightly.
(5,6) step up right, tap up left and shrug.
(7,8) walk down at home left/right, and release the shrug.
2x, Left basic, no arm movements to complete the phrase (8)
Repeat above sequence beginning left. May repeat all again.

**Strength: May hold light, medium or heavy weights. There will be no arm moves, the weights are merely for added work load.
With the right foot on the left end of the step and the left foot on the floor, and feet shoulder width apart:
8x, squat 2/2 count (32)
8x, squat 4/4 count (64)
8x, squat 2/2 count (32)
Step up on top of the step and take the feet wide, toes pointing to the front. Repeat the squat sequence as above.
Step off the opposite end keeping the left foot on the step, the feet shoulder width apart, toes forward. Repeat the squat sequence.
Repeat the sequence on top of the step.
Note: really stress the quads on the down part and squeezing the glutes on the way up.

**Endurance: Use no weights/or very light weights on the step.
16x, step knee with overhead presses, alternate leads. May travel to corners or stay in the center of the step (64)
Step up on top, feet not quite together and knees very soft (small squat position), slight lean from hips: 16x, tricep kickbacks (64)
Repeat sequence 2x - 3x.

***Strength: Standing on the floor, use medium or heavy weights:
8x, chest presses 2/2 count (32)
8x, chest presses 4/4 count (64)
8x, triceps kickbacks 2/2 count (32)
8x, triceps kickbacks 4/4 count (64)
8x, overhead presses 2/2 count (32)
8x, overhead presses 4/4 count (64)
May repeat these three moves doing 4 of each, then 2 of each, then 1 of each 2x using either a 2/2 or 4/4 count. (96 or 192)

***Endurance: Use no weights/or very light weights on the step.
16x, alternate lead glute squeezes with upright rows (64)
16x, alternate lead taps up with rotator cuff (upper arm tucked into the sides, elbows 90, turn the lower arms out)
Repeat sequence 2x - 3x.

****Strength: May hold light, medium or heavy weights down at your sides, but no arm movement:
Stand against a wall and walk the feet out lowering your body so that the knees are bent no more than 90 degrees. Hold for 1 minute. Slide up and shake it out and repeat for another minute. If your class is advanced try a third minute or hold it twice for 90 seconds each time.

****Endurance: Use no weights/or very light weights on the step.
Keeping the left foot on the right end of the step:
16x, right hamcurl with rear delt press (64)
16x, right abductor with lateral lifts (64)
Walk to home position behind the step...take 32 to get there:
8x, alternate lead hamcurls with rear delt press (32)
8x, alternate lead abductors with lateral lifts (32)
Take 32 to walk to the opposite end. With the right foot on the step repeat the first part with the left foot/leg. (64)
Walk to home position behind the step...take 32 to get there:
8x, alternate lead hamcurls with rear delt press (32)
8x, alternate lead abductors with lateral lifts (32)
May repeat entire sequence depending on time and class level.

*****Strength: Standing on the floor with medium or heavy weights:
8x, biceps curls 2/2 count (32)
8x, biceps curls 4/4 count (64)
8x, curl halfway up 2/2 count, on the last one come up to the shoulders and... (32)
8x, curl from the shoulders halfway down, on the last one come all the way down (32)
8x, hammercurls 2/2 count (32)
8x, hammercurls 4/4 count (64)
Repeat sequence if needed.

*****Endurance & Grand Finale: Use weights of choice. Begin standing on the floor:
8x, reverse flyes 4/4 count (64)
8x, reverse rows 4/4 count (64)
Repeat if desired.

Place your mat on the step, lie on the step, imprint the spine to stabilize the core and have feet on top of the step or off the end on the floor:
8x, chest flyes 4/4 count (64)
8x, arms straight up over the chest, weights parallel and touching each other, lower the arms straight back until they are just lower than the top of the head - this is really effective done slowly, so use at least 4/4, but try 8/8 (64 - 128)
8x, with weights straight up over the chest and weights parallel but not touching, keep the elbows pointed to the ceiling and lower the weights behind the head 4/4 count (64)
Note: these may be done lying on the floor but lying on the step gives better ROM.

Take the mat to the floor:
Begin by lying supine. Alternate 8 slow bicylces (64) then 8 faster bicycles (32).
Now turn prone and go into a plank position. Hold for 30 seconds.
Repeat this sequence 1x - 3x as time and class level allows.


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