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It's ages since we had any abs routines so here are some ideas. Please email me with thoughts and please, please add some more ab routines. It's always good to have new ideas.

Lie on back legs out straight. Bring knees up to a 90 degree angle - knees bent into chest. Curl up to knees holding kness with hands. Release hands out to side but stay in curled position.

Now slowly - on 4 counts move one leg out so it is out straight and just off the floor. Move leg in for 4 counts, then move the other leg out. Do 4 x 4 counts on each leg, then 8 x 2 counts, 16 x 1 and 32 at double speed so the legs are alternating. Pull knees into chest and rest.

Now from the same starting position (flat on floor) you pull one knee in (1 count), then the other (1 count), you push the legs out, sit up and touch toes (legs straight) (2 counts) the roll slowly back (4 counts). Repeat about 8-16 times.

The third exercise is to lift legs up at 90 degrees off floor while lying flat. Circle both legs together in little circles taking 4 counts per circle. Gradually make the circles bigger so the legs are lwoering towards the floor. Do about 16. Hold knees in and rest.

Then back to the same starting position. Lower one leg towrads the floor for 4 counts and raise for 4 counts. Then the other leg. Do 4 x 4 counts, 8 x 2 counts, 16 x 1 count and 32 at double speed so it is like you are walking. At the end lift and lower both legs together. Do 16, hold the last one 6 inches off the floor and finish with flutter kicks to burn out the abs.

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All comments welcome,

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