Connect The Dots XIII (Vertical Step, Strength, Drills, Ab/Back, Stretches)

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If you have not used a Connect The Dots routine before here is what it means: the first move in combo 2 is connected to the last move in combo 1. The first move in combo 3 is connected to the last move in combo 2 and the last move in combo 3 is connected to the first move in combo 1. Each strength and drill move is connected to the combo within that set. Set 4 connects it all together and adds stretching and toning that connects to the combos as well. I hope you enjoy this method. My class loves it and it is a great workout. The step part can be used on its own as a step class too.

This routine is done on a vertical step with a side approach. The combinations are tapless and self-reversing. Begin on the left side of the step with a right lead.

Equipment needed: Weights of choice, dynaband. If you don't have dynabands the stretch series at the end can be modified to work with no bands.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

Diagonal wall pushups - 4/4 count.
4x, Place your hands on a wall about 6"- 8" apart and have the right hand higher than the left hand which is at chest height. Now turn the hands to a slight diagonal, fingers pointing a little to the right. Execute pushups.
4x, Turn the fingers straight up and do pushups in the center.
4x, Turn the hands so fingers point a little to the left and do pushups.
4x, Turn the fingers straight up and repeat pushups in the center.

Switch the hand positions so that the left hand is higher and repeat the above series beginning with the fingers slanted to the left.

NOTE: watch for students having their hands too far apart. They should be in front of the chest and not out to the sides.

Dot C: Drill (On the step)

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength (on the step at 1/2 tempo)

8x, L-arms & L-legs:
1,2) Step up right
3,4) Kick left forward and lift weights to the front palms facing in
5,6) Touch the left toes to the floor at the end and lower weights to sides
7,8) Abduct left and lateral arms
9,10) Touch down left, lower weights to sides
11,12) Kick left forward, lift weights to front
13-16) Straddle down left and right lowering the weights to sides of thighs
Repeat leading left. Repeat right and left doing 4x on each lead (128 counts)

Dot C: Drill

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength (Standing on the floor)

With elbows in positon for tricep kickbacks and a band around the ankles (optional), 2/2 count:
16x, Alternate lead hamcurls for legs plus tricep kickbacks (64)
16x, Alternate lead knee lifts for legs, plus hammer curls (64)

Dot C: Drill (On the step)

*Set 4*

Dot A: Combining the combos

Run through the combos 2x on each side. May weave 1x.

Dot B: Connected Strength (weights of choice)

8x, L-arms alternating sides (32) arm lifts to the front and one lifts to the side
8x, Tricep kickbacks (32)
8x, Hammercurls (32)

Finish with this:
8x-16x, Diagonal pushups: kneel on the floor so that you are facing the back left corner of the step. Place the left hand on top of the step near the back corner and the right hand forward slightly on top. Hand position is diagonal and neart he edges of the step. Adjust legs as needed. Execute pushups 4/4 count.
8x-16x, Switch to the opposite back corner. Switch hand positions and repeat pushups.
NOTE: Hands are in a narrower stance than in traditional pushups. Watch that students don't have them out wide.

Dot C: Connected Stretches & Abs/Back

Upper body diagonal dynaband stretch. Drape the dynaband over the right shoulder, holding near the end with your right hand. Reach behind your back with the left hand and grab the dynaband. Gently stretch the dynaband up on the right and down on the left. Hold here or lift the band in the stretched position away from your body.
Release and repeat right. Release and repeat two times with the band draped over the left shoulder.

Diagonal abs: Lay supine on the floor off the back left corner of the step...your legs are split one on the short end of the step and one on the long side of the step on the floor. Place your right leg on the step with the foot towards the opposite/front right corner (leg is diagonal on the step)...slightly bent or almost straight..whichever is comfortable (must be able to stabilize core). Left foot is flat on the floor with the knee bent.
24x: Crunch center; then.....
Lift the right leg straight up in the air with the toe softly pointed. Release the left hand.
24x, reach diagonally across the right leg with the left hand aiming toward the outside of the right ankle.
NOTE: we will get to the left side too. If you don't want to do the stretches as listed here scroll down to where I scoot** you to the left to repeat the abs.

Keeping the left foot on the floor, move the right leg to the right until it can rest on the floor. Now place the left leg on top of the step and straighten it out. Lift the hands overhead clasping above the left wrist with the right hand. Gently curve the body to the right. Hold. Release hands and straighten the upper body out, return the right leg to the top of the step. Place the left foot on top of the step with a bent knee. Hug the right knee into the chest and place the dynaband around the instep of the foot. Take the right leg straight up and use the dynaband in both hands to pull the leg towards you keeping the hips down. Keeping the hips down actually deepens the stretch.

With the band still around the instep and the band mostly in the right hand, open the right leg to the side for an adductor stretch. Keep the hips flat on the mat. Use both hands to pull the leg back to the center.

Place the right ankle on the left thigh and lift the left thigh toward your chest (number 4 stretch). Put the dynaband around the back of the left thigh and use it to pull in. This really assists in deepening the stretch.

Keep the feet in 4 stretch position, pull the dynaband free and drape it across the right ankle. Pull both ends through to the outside. Place both ends in your right hand. Release the left foot to the floor, release the right foot to the floor. Turn onto your left side lying in position for a quad stretch. Pull the band up behind you toward your right shoulder. Contract the abs lightly to keep the back aligned. Hold. Release stretch pulling the band off your ankle and rolling onto your back again (supine).

**Release both feet to the top of the step, knees bent up. Come up on your elbows. Place hands on the floor and lift your body, scooting it to the right. Repeat scoot again. You should now be in place to repeat the abs and stretches off the back left corner.

When finished, scoot yourself left so that you are directly behind the back end of the step with your legs relaxed on top. Lift up on the hands one more time and scoot back so that your heels are resting on the step.

Drape the dynaband across the insoles and do 16 - 32 rows. Release band. Hinge forward from the hips reaching for the toes. Hold. Release and repeat.

Bring feet to the floor knees up. Wrap your arms around the thighs with hands grasping opposite forearms or elbows. Pull back away from thighs rounding into a C shape. Hold. Release and move to all fours on the mat for opposite arm/leg lifts 16x. Finish with cat stretches.

Release into Child's pose. Rock back to toes. Hold. Roll up to standing.

My class loved the diagonal pushups and abs. They also love stretching with the dynabands. Hope you can glean something from all of this.

Email any questions, comments, or suggestions.


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