Variations on a theme - Part 1 (advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15182)

This pattern is fit only for very advanced classes or for performance, with all parts memorized by the participants, with minimum cueing. This is because it uses clusters of four benches, with four participants in each cluster, and different participants will do different moves at certain times. All the moves are very simple, but the emphasis is on developing patterns that are visually interesting.

The clusters include four horizontal benches in a square, about 3 feet apart each direction, and labeled as shown:

         ==============         ==============
         |Front left/  |        |Front right/|
         |Northwest    |        |Northeast   |
         ==============         ==============

         ==============         ==============
         |Back left/   |        |Back right/ |
         |Southwest    |        |Southeast   |
         ==============         ==============

In this pattern description, I have used the Front/Back, Left/Right nomenclature, but you may prefer the North/South, East/West nomenclature, particularly, for a participant facing back, it is difficult to know whether he is on a left bench or a right bench.

Teaching suggestion: teach the base routine, then the base routine with pivot and over-the-top on the last 4 counts (2nd ham curl), with all moving in unison. Then introduce the various routines 1-4, and notice the visual characterists of each.

Base Routine:

Routine 1: "Conflict" - (Front & back steps on opposite leads)

Routine 2 "Butterfly" - (right & left steps on opposite lead)

Just like routine 1, except divide left/right, rather than front/back.

Routine 3: (Mirroring)

All are facing front on right lead.

Routine 4 "Round"

This is analogous regular singing round (e.g., "Row, row, row your boat"). Each position will start the basic routine 8 counts behind the previous position; other positions will do a basic until their time comes, and each position will do a basic when they have finished the base routine, until all positions are finished.

This is part 1 or the total routine. I do not plan to submit part 2, as I feel there would be little demand. If you are interested in seeing part 2, please email me and I will send you a copy of the full routine.

Part 2 includes routines which are more complex than these. It includes:

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