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I teach a weekly class called Core & Stretch - this is my favorite class of the week since it offers an opportunity to both use my favorite tool and to really listen to my body and stretch out muscles that are tight from previous workouts, I use a blend of yoga and pilates moves and plain old stretches, I'll emphasize the description of the exericises more than the stretches here.

Standing: Blown Palm - with ball held overhead lean to the right lengthening out of your hips and contracting your waist, lift your left leg hold and breathe, repeat to the left

Hip Hinge hold - long arms hold ball overhead, flex forward at the hips and hold a table top back for several breaths (modficiation place ball on floor and hold with light fingertips). (For challenge at a hip extension holding one leg extended behind you, then the other).
Standing leg stretches

Seated on ball: incline crunch with low back on ball x 20, challenge crunch further back on ball so that shoulder blades can barely touch x 20 overball stretches
Russian twist - bridge position on ball (head, neck, upper back) long arms hands clasped twist to side so that you roll onto one shoulder blade then the other keeping hips elevated

Kneeling on floor: blown palm from knees without leg lift
Oblique crunches x 20 facing forward, rotating to face ceiling x 20.
Side over the ball stretches.

Seated on floor: V sit with soles of feet on ball - hands behind you on floor, or holding behind legs or reaching in front
Double leg stretch: leaning back on forearms hold ball between ankles and extend towards ceiling or front wall
V sit holding ball with feet on the side (ball is either on the floor or lifted)
Straddle stretches

Supine on floor: leg lowers with ball between ankles
Teaser roll up: 1 knee bent foot on floor, other leg extended next to it roll up part way or all the way using leg to counter balance, do both sides.
Supine stretches and relaxation - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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