Two on One!

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This is a vertical step pattern that is self-reversing and tapless. Teach the pattern on their own single step. Once the participants learn the pattern on one step, put two people on the same step. Make sure they know the pattern really well and on both sides on one. Then have them try it facing the back of the room on both sides before putting them on the same bench. When using the same bench, they will face each other and both start on the right foot. This is a really fun format. If you take the idea and not the choreaography, remember to use the corners and the ends and the floor around the step. Never choreograph in the middle or they will hit each other.

     x x
   X x x X
     x x

Should finish on opposite side to start on left leg.

* Double knee repeater, 12 marches: some call this a "waltz", after the double knee repeater start counting the marches immediately. 1,2, on floor, 3 is on small end of step, 4 is off, 5 is back on same end of step, 6,7 are off and moving you to other side, 8 is on other small end, 9 is off, 10 back on that same end, 11,12 are off moving you back to center position.

Walking L-step: (Basically two alternating knee lifts off the end of bench) Step up to end, lift knee, walk walk down facing into the end of the step, step up lifting knee (faces you opposite of where you started) finish by walking down, down.

Any questions???? email me. We had a ball with this one. I didn't put 2 on 1 until the last 15 minutes and I didn't tell them what was coming. They were skeptical at first, then they begged for more!!! Have fun!

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From: Sandy,Utah (USA)
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