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I was inspired to create this choreography from some interesting moves I borrowed from this site. I will try to give credit, where credit is due, but in case I miss a name, thank you for posting and sharing.

These 4 combos are tap free, advanced, 64 count self-reversing, done with bench horizontal.

Feel free to email questions.

COMBO I (Mild Crossphrasing)

Total 64

* Extended rocking horse. This a great move that I borrowed from Juliet Gorman, original post #15276. Step up right foot onto bench, while lifting left knee (2). Step down with left foot onto North side of bench, while lifting right knee (2). Right foot onto the bench (1), 2 curl repeater with left foot (3). Step down to floor, left foot, right foot (2) counts. You will end up facing the back wall, on the North side of the bench, ready to begin your next move with the left foot. I used a stomp straddle, stomp exit move (6) counts, to fill the phrase.

**Reverse split back - like a normal split back but turn around on the bench. Right foot up (1) left foot up begin turning to face back wall (1). Lunge back right (2), left (2). Step down right and left (2), you will be facing the back wall, ready to start with right foot.

Combo II

Total 64

*Teeter totter, another great move posted by Gwyenth (#15258). Step up right foot at left corner, extend left hip to side (2). Step down left foot on floor, extend right hip to side (2). Step down right foot onto bench, extend left hip (2), step down onto floor left and right (2). Think of 3 alternating hip extensions done in the same corner.

**Walk away Joe has been posted and re posted so many times, but I love this move and so does my class. Go diagonal over the bench, pivot and walk back to step, total 8 counts, no lead change.

***Charleston ski - this one is Carole's and I love it too. One charleston kick (4), 4 fast skis on the floor, or 2 slow ones (4). I follow this up with the repeater knee.

Combo III

Total 64

*Spin - 360 degree pivot no tap. Step up right (1) begin your pivot, left foot will hit floor first (on North side) (2), right foot to floor (1). You should be on North side, facing the same direction you started

** V-Hangover - instead of using just the bench, use the bench and the floor. Side approach, right foot on bench (1), left foot steps out on floor (1). Right foot back to floor (1), left foot beside right (1)

***Full reverse turn. Caution advanced move - as you will be stepping blind. Step up right foot in left corner (1), left foot in right corner (1). You are now on top of the bench, facing the back wall. Step down right foot on floor begin turning so that you will come back to facing the bench (1), step down left foot on floor (1). You will end up exactly where you started on home side of bench, facing front.

Combo IV

Total 64

*L-step all around the bench, is a variation of the usual L-step. Step up right foot in left corner, as usual (2), step down left foot on the side of the bench begin turning, exit left right (2). Step up left foot on the bench (2), you will now be facing back wall, step down on North side of bench, right and left (2). Step up right foot at left corner, still on North side (2), step down on side of bench left and right begin turning so that you face front (2). Step up left foot onto bench, lift right knee (2), step down on home side right and left (2). YOu will finish exactly where you started.

Please email questions. Enjoy


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