Sonia's Fall Challenge Combos

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This routine was part of my Fall Challenge Class, which is a special two hour class that I hold four times during the year. This has layers, but I am just posting the final/advanced routine. Email if you want the base combos or breakdown ideas.

Horizontal step, 32 count, tapless, self-reversing, with a side approach.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

NOTE: you can turn in a circle on top with the hamcurls (carefully, only advanced steppers please!). This works well as you are approaching from the side so you can step up and do the first hamcurl facing the back and the second one turning to the front. Then do the run run facing the front on top - the base move is simply 2 traveling hamcurls.

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

Here is the footwork:

1) right foot to left end,
2) left foot steps to floor on the west end,
3) right foot crosses over the left on floor, left foot pulls up,
4) left foot to floor, right foot pulls up,
5) right foot to end of step,
6) lift the left knee,
7,8) exit home left and right.

1) left stomp at right end, right pulls up.
2) right steps forward on the floor as left pulls up.
3) left steps on top as right pulls up.
4,5) walk home right and left moving towards the left end.
May repeat the walk-about with a right lead or do a quick over.

***Quick Over:
1) right stomp at left end, left pulls up,
2) left crosses behind the right and touches the ball of the foot on the floor on the front side, right pulls up,
3) right foot steps on the top, left pulls up,
4,5) walk home left and right.

NOTE: These two moves are simply variations on double stomps.

****Turning V-steps:
1,2) with the right side to the step, step right forward onto step, and left forward onto the floor (start of a hanging V-step),
3,4) turn to face the step, stepping back right and left
5,6) V-step on the step,
7,8) straddle down right and left to face east,
9-16) repeat 1-8 to move to end facing west again (just as you started).

+Triple L-squat:
1,2) right steps to left end, left knee lifts,
3) left to floor dropping into a squat, keeping the right foot on the step,
4) lift from the squat,
5,6) squat down and up,
7) squat down,
8) as you lift from the squat the right foot joins the left foot on the floor,
9-12) two jacks or 2 half jacks by tapping the middle of the step with the right foot and touching it back to the left foot. follow this with the hip swing to take you home.

++Hip swing + arm circle:
1) step up right,
2) swing the leg slightly forward, out to the side and around to the back in a small circle (think abductor and glute squeeze in a circle motion) - you will want to give a little hop on the right foot as you do this (or make the hop and the swing bigger for more oomph),
3,4) exit home left and right.
Arms cross in front and circle outward as you perform the hip swing.

If you have any questions or comments please email me.


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