3 new self-reversing, tapless 64s for you

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15506)

Here is the class I taught last night. Each part is 64 self-reversing, tapless counts. Have fun.

Part 1

* curb walk cha cha (assuming a right lead) = stomp the step right (1), stomp the floor left (2), stomp the floor straddling the step right (3), stomp the floor again behind the step left (4), stomp the step right (5), once again stomp the floor left behind the step (6), cha cha cha right-left-right (7&8).

* knee walk walk (again, assume a right lead) = up knee (1-2), walk walk walk left/right/left away from the step (3-5), kick right (6), walk walk back to the step (7-8). On the second one, simply hop over the step on the up knee part and walk walk walk away from the step on the other side of the step.

* cha cha V-step (one of my members claimed, jokingly, that he invented this move, so we re-named it Brian B.) = facing the left wall, it would be cha cha cha right/left/right with the right foot on the step and the left foot on the floor (1&2), then immediately a left V-step starting from the floor instead of starting on the step (left down, right up, exit left/right) (3-6).

Part 2

Part 3

* rocking horse stutter turn = instead of a regular rocking horse, you can just substitute a small stutter turn instead of the 3rd knee (so it would be up ham, down knee, stutter turn and exit).

* option for the stomp straddle stomp exit = hop over and rock back (or half mambo back) (1-3), then stomp and exit (4-6).

* stutter walk (assuming a right lead) = stomp the step right at the short end, facing front (1), stomp the floor right next to the short end left (2), stomp the right foot just in front of the left foot on the floor, slightly in front of the step (3), stomp the left foot in place again, next to the short end (4), stomp the right foot on the step again (5), exit left/right (6-7). I usually cue it "up down over down up down down" and they seem to get it.

* stompin' L-step, from Carole's workshop this summer = stomp the step at the short end right (1), stomp the floor next to the short end left (2), box step right/left on the floor (3-4), cha cha cha behind the step (5&6).

Any questions, complaints, praise, accusations, please feel free to email me. OK, maybe not the complaints and accusations! :)


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