Julie's Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15507)

This routine is a modified version of the single step routine at Patrick Goudeau's workshop.

    _____________  ______________
         #1              #2

(Repeat left lead)

(Repeat left lead)

(Repeat left lead)

(Repeat left lead)

* "L"HIT- step on end like an "L" but tap the foot out to the side of the step and step down to change like regular "L". Arms go straight with both to one side and say HIT.

** Quickie over -go over the top quick- 2 steps on top, 3rd on floor-brief pause on floor 123,123,123,straddle.

***Walk up out turn- walking over step, but stepping up and out, like an "L" and stepping down in front of bench and turning back towards the end with 2 steps.

****Indecision- Step out 23 out 23 on one end and then the other (in between benches)

+Step skid side touch- step on and skid with the other foot into a side touch out in front of bench

++Backdoor knee-knee and turn to the back, do a knee and come back

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