Stolen Step: A Whole Class from Start to Finish

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This is pretty much "stolen" right off of an instructional tape I have. I love it because it incorporates many basic moves, so it's great for newcomers, but it's intricate enough in its final form to make them feel successful. First and last segments (1 & 6) are warm-up and cooldown. Middle 4 segments (2-5) are the body of the class. All 32 count, self-reversing, tapless, horizontal step. Assume a right lead leg for each segment. I do specify which leg is stepping in some of the trickier areas--both in the summary and the explanations at the bottom - just for added clarity when practicing.

1. Warm-Up

[This becomes. . .]

[Proceed with dynamic stretch]

2. Body

3. Body

4. Body

5. Body

6. Cool-Down

[Proceed with static stretch]

*T-steps are typically done facing the short end of the bench. For this, start home, and step onto center of bench right-left (1,2); staying on bench, step out wide right-left (3,4); still staying on bench step back to center right-left (5,6); then back to floor right-left (7,8). Do some fun coordinating arms to start warming up the upper body too.

**Since the 1/2 Way around the world had you moving around the east end of the bench, the stomp/chug begins with your left foot on the bench and your right foot on the floor, and you'll stomp/chug around the west end of the bench toward home: left-bench/right-floor (1,2), left-bench/right floor (3,4), left-bench/right floor (5,6), then left-floor/right-floor (aka march-march, or march x 2) in home position (7,8). Pump your arms, encourage participants to sink low, etc..

***Power split basic: step up-up (right, left) (1,2); tap floor behind with right toe (3); then jump/power cross-country ski style with right foot on bench/left foot on floor (4); switch/ski (5); then, keeping left foot on bench, bring right knee up (6); step down on floor right, then left (7,8). So much fun once you get it. The key is that single knee on beat #6. Be careful when playing with this one. Make sure you get your feet all the way on the bench.

****Hop knee over: I think on this site I've seen this as "scissor", but I'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, it's the tapless replacement for over the top. Here it would be right foot stepping on bench with you facing west (1), a hop on the right foot (2)-still on bench-as the left knee bends up and over bench behind right leg to touch down with left foot on north side of bench (3), then touch down right foot (4).

+If you want to walk home, it's left, right, left, right after that hop knee over. If you want to do the turning step touch x 2, it's step out left to the west end of bench pivoting/turning, then bringing right foot in to left (you are now facing west end of bench, and, yes, this is technically sort of a tap) (1,2); then step side home with right foot, then left (3,4).

++Shuffle box turn: I didn't know what to call this, so hopefully I'm not giving it the known name of another step. In any case, left foot on bench, right foot on floor, you shuffle west to east left-right-left (as 1-and-2), then turn around to go back east to west as right foot (floor), left foot (coming around behind you bench to floor)-- (3,4). So, you are turning toward your left shoulder, which gets you in position to get the right foot on the bench to shuffle east to west. You kind of look like a duck in a shooting gallery doing 4 of these in a row. Suggestion: punch both arms/fists out front during the during the shuffle on the bench, and then punch down to the floor during the turn.

+++Explanation of segment # 5: No matter what your lead leg, you will always be straddling down over the east end of the bench. Make sure you straddle down over the bench (versus just stepping down off short end) on beats (7,8) from the 3-knee repeater to be in position for the next step. The step-hop is just a powered version of stepping up-up-down-down (from your straddled position over the east end, facing west) where you step up left, then quickly hop the right foot onto the bench abducting the left leg out (1,2), then stepping down back to your straddle left-right (3,4). Lastly: your first time through, with a right lead, your mambo x 2 with the left foot stepping front on the east end of the step, has you in position in front of your bench to repeat the combo/segment now on the left lead starting the first turnstep at the northeast corner of bench. When you finish your second time through, left lead, you'll mambo x 2 with your right foot stepping front on the east end of the step, using it to travel to home position.

++++Slow reverse-T: Starts as a slow V-step, step on bench wide with right foot (1,2), then wide with left foot (3,4), using twice as much time as normal on-tempo V-step. Then, still on bench, step in toward center right-left (3,4), and, finally, down to floor right-left (7,8).

Sometimes, in an effort to be extra clear, you get too wordy and end up being more confusing. If that's what I did here, don't hesitate to contact me! (I'm new to teaching step, so I like thorough explanations to start, then I type a large-print summary and tape it to the mirror to refer to when teaching.)

Have fun and be well!

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