Advanced 32 Count Tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15464)


Here is a pattern I developed with a complete teaching progression. The teaching progression naturally switches lead leg so each side will be worked evenly.

The Combo

Teaching Progression


Repeat 1x


Repeat 1x


  • Make some changes
  • Shuffle turn 2x (8)
  • Diagonal over and back (8)***
  • Corner single knees 2x (8)
  • Repeater knee (8)
  • Repeat 3x

    ***You are changing the last 2 shuffle turn steps to a diagonal over and back on the same leg. You go over the box diagonally turn in and go back over diagonally and turn in it is 4 counts in each direction.


    Repeat 3x

    ***You are now going to change the single corner knees to a cha cha cha in the corner. You do a quick 1-2-3 in the corner step down then do that to the opposite corner.


    Repeat 3x

    ***You change the corner cha cha cha to a quick 1-2-3 on top of the bench facing front. So it is right-left-right on top quick then step down. You then repeat that left-right-left and step down.


    ***Add any option for the repeater you want

    Repeat 3x


    Repeat as many times as desired

    Hope you enjoy.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me

    ** If you want to make this pattern nnot quite as advanced you can not progress is as far. The intermediate version would go like this:

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