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I do my class in a gymnasium and have access to a lot of equipment. We use steps, ladders, cones, hurdles, jumpropes, medicine balls, bars, weights, bands, dumbells. The stations depend on the amount of participants. I like to have two people per station.

  x        o       H         L        A         M
  x        o       H         L                  M
  x        o       H         L                  M
  x        o       H         L                  M
  x        o       H         L        A         M
Steps     Cones  Hurdles   ladder    Cone      Medicine ball

Steps are vertical in a long row, cones are in a line, around 2 feet apart, hurdles in a line about a foot apart. Two ladders set up next to each other. Two cones about 6 feet apart (2 sets like this), one medicine ball.

Have participants bring one set of dumbbells with them to each station, but put off to the side. Each station should last 1 - 2 minutes on the cardio.

After 1 -2 minutes, have participants pick up dumbbells and do traveling lunges, hold dumbbells over shoulders for the isometric, or add shoulder presses - then rotate to the next station. Make sure they bring their dumbells with them. You will alternate between toning and cardio. Here are ideas for the toning segments:

You can go through the circuit again, adding your own toning in between, or you can have everyone do jump rope for 2 minutes, frog jumps across the room, calf raises on the steps

Finish with push-ups for the chest and abdominals

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From: New Jersey (USA)
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