Killer jabs and kicks

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Hi all. I haven't submitted anything for a while, but have been taking a lot. So here's one of my old reliables.

It involves a ton of tempo jabs to work the whole arm and tempo kicks to wear out the legs.

First I start with regular jabs (2 counts each) to the side for about 32 counts. Then I pick it up with quick jabs (1 count) to the side for 32 counts. Then I go quick jabs high, then in front, and then down low, each for 32 counts. All the while, make sure they are bringing the elbows back in and not just hinging it. You should be seriously feeling it in the shoulders. Then do the left.

For the kicks, I start with regular side kicks for 32 counts. Then I have them hold the leg up and kick it out with 1 count per kick, so the foot doesn't come back down. I start with side kicks, where they are kicking with the heel, then move it to rounds, where they kick with the shoelaces. The we go up high, and low, each for 32 counts. Then switch sides.

I hope this made sense, it is awesome.


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From: Colorado (USA)
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