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I teach a total body sculpting class once a week, so I'd typically use 1 or 2 of these segments within it, often adding arms to the movements. If you teach a lower bod specific class, you could do all or several, grouped with abs if that's part of your class. Group the separate movements any way you like. I gave some suggestions here before the movement descriptions for grouping. The first segment involves some thigh, and the subsequent segments start isolating more. Don't be surprised if you're getting some dirty looks from participants. Enjoy!

You'll need:

Segment I-standing and on high step bench:

Repeat all, starting with leg press-left, 16 reps

Segment II-standing and on stability ball:

Repeat both, starting with standing band work, left leg

Segment III-on floor:

Repeat all, with left leg on A & B exercises this time.


1. "Leg press": high step bench, 4-5 risers high (measure by having participants rest one foot on it--correct height for them puts their knee and their hip flexion angles at 90 degrees--seems high, but this will engage their glutes better); perform a leg press by stepping up and down with just body weight, or holding dumbbells at sides or on shoulders; keep foot on bench and repeatedly elevate up and down; cue participants to land softly. I have balance poles I made from wood dowels that we sometimes use in one hand for balance, with the other hand holding a dumbbell or balancing it on the shoulder. I use these for #5 as well.

2. "Hover squats": sit on high step bench (see leg press, #1) with dumbbells on shoulders, or just use body weight; you lift off of bench but stop mid way and "hover" before standing, then lower part way and hover before sitting; cue them for proper squat technique and to keep chest lifted, knees from falling in, etc..

3. "Plies": you know these--I have participants use dumbbells set into the front of their hip-thigh angle, legs wide with toes outward.

4. "Criss-cross lunges": these are just big curtsies. Standing holding dumbbells, step your right leg behind your left going back and to the (left) side which will look like a reverse lunge or dip at an angle; push off the right leg and swing it around until your in a regular plie position; bring your left leg around the right, just like you did on the other side.

5. Standing band work: with ankle band/cuff on, do a standing series of hip/glute work. I have balance poles I made with wood dowels that I use for these so they can keep balance while we work the heck out of one leg. The bonus: the standing leg is also working REALLY hard. It's often the leg they are complaining about the most.

6. "Supine butt lift": lying on back on stability ball, feet wide with dumbbells held at hip-thigh junction. Drop butt down and then lift up squeezing at top. I'll play with the timing of reps--slow counts, on tempo, etc.. I'll also have them hold in the up position and close their knees in an out, and then combine the moves, do pulsing, whatever hurts-so-good!

7. Side legs with med ball: lying on side with hips stacked properly, hold med ball on top of thigh with top hand. Do series of abductions with leg straight, then series of raises where you bend the knee of the top leg bringing it toward floor (from the legs apart/abducted position) in front of you and then straightening as if kicking heel up and away (you end up in the legs apart, abducted position). Then a series alternating the two movements as they go right into each other. Ouch.

8. Glute kicks: on all fours with versacuff/ankle band on, or with small dumbbell held behind bent knee. Raise heel to ceiling ("kick out a ceiling tile" I tell them), then modifying to an oblique move bringing knee across and behind stabilizing knee/leg as if to touch knee to floor on opposite side) and then raising up and outward in an extension and abduction motion. Play with it alternating the movements and using pulsing. Ouch, again.

9. "Triple threat": lying on floor on back, heels (achilles level) on stability ball. A three move series (hence the name)--first do several reps of Plank, which is just raising the butt up and down with straight legs, squeezing buns and trying to maintain balance. Next, do Ham Curls rolling the ball in toward the butt by bending and straightening knees--make sure they keep that butt lifted. Lastly, do Pelvic Lifts with knees bent the whole time, feet on ball, thighs glued together, squeezing butt each rep. All 3 moves should flow nicely one into the other. My rule: Once the butt leaves the floor (first plank), it stays off the floor until done.

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