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Hu! This site rocks!!! It has been extremly helpful. So now I add my voice to the rest of yours. Thanks for all of the help!

I am a road biker/mountain biker so it helps when teaching class because I know what it is like to climg a hill or squeeze your bike between two trees (single track). If you teach spin, you will benefit from taking a few rides outside and go the distance!

I do these two warm ups at the beginning of every class (music varies)

1. Warm up- Flat road (4-5 minutes long)

Include right/left leg drills (one minute each leg)

Have your students spin the wheel with the energy from one leg (but keep both feet in the pedals) I just tell them that their right leg is doing the work while their left leg is on vacation! Then they switch. Songs 90-100 rpms work best.

Stretch upper body

2. Warm up- (3-4 minutes) Go through all the positions

I usually pick a song that is between (70-80 RPM) and have the class warm up through each position (standing climb, run, seated flat) and just rotate through each position in intervals of 32 counts, 16 counts, and end on 8 counts.

I syncronize my spin class to the beat of the music. So if we are doing a song that has 80 rpms, I chose a song with a beat to match. It is helpful in class because most people can relate to the beat. All you have to do is tap your leg to the beat and count how many beats you tap for six seconds and that is how many rpms (cycling cadence) the song is.

Good luck!!!

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