Candy's Double with a Partner (or not)

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 15490)

This can be done as a double vertical

 x    x
 x    x
.x    x
Home  Away

OR... a double vertical with a partner. (If you have alot of people and not enough steps.)
  x    x.
  x    x
 .x    x
yours  theirs

I posted this pattern as if it were being done (& cued) with a partner. If you chose to do it without, just ignore the partner thing. Steps become "Home & Away" instead of "Yours & Theirs". Be prepared: there is a curve at the end of the 4th combo!

Combo 1:

Repeat left lead on theirs, totals 32 count

Combo 2:

Repeat left lead from theirs, totals 32 count

Combo 3: A No Brainer!!!!!

Repeat left lead on theirs, totals 32 count

Combo 4:

Here's the CURVE!!! Everyone in YOUR position is Group 1. Everyone in your Partners position is Group 2. If you teach this class as a double vertical without a partner, everybody is Group 1.

  • Group 1: Over top, switch to Theirs, turn around, head back, jack, hop turn. (over, switch 1-4, right foot pivot on Theirs left foot on floor in middle 5-6, up right,left on Yours 7-8, jack on top, down down right,left 9-12, hop turn over Yours 12-16. 16 counts
  • Group 2: Stays on floor, hops out 2 counts, in 2 counts for 16 counts
  • Then Group 1 stays on floor and Group 2 goes. (INSTRUCTOR TIP: be ready to cue everyone as soon as Group 2 is on their last 4 counts of the combination.)
  • Everyone: Over top, switch, stuck in middle, over Theirs (16 count) (stuck in middle is a turnstep switch, turnstep switch all done in between steps)
  • 4 Knee repeater to a straddle, over top, jack. (16 count)
  • All totals 64 count

    ****You are now going to repeat the whole thing from the top except everything will start on the left lead from Theirs and repeat on the right from Yours. It was kinda challenging going from the Right / Left lead thing! Have fun and as with any questions.

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    From: Deer Park, Texas (USA)
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