Candy's Shared Double +

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 15398)

Ok, gang, put your thinking caps on for this one! It was fun though, and amazingly easy to teach. Theres a little surprise at the end.....thats where the 'Shared Double +' comes in. Have fun!

2 People, 3 Benches (Can't add on any more because of the 'surprise' at the end. If someone doesn't have a partner, they still need 3 benches for the last part) Here's the set up:

XXXXX   XXXXX   XXXXX      Yours will be called Home
 .        .                Partners' will be called Away
you      partner

Combo 1:

Repeat left lead from Away, total 32

(*7 count turnstep: up left,right like a turnstep 1-2, left down, right lifts slightly 3, right, left up 4-5, right, left down 6-7, hop on 8)

(** curb walk: same as 3 x 1/2 steps, mambo back. I like to do the #1 on top, #2 step over, #3 on top, #4, mambo back. Or you can do a pivot turn for #3 & 4, or a power tap, etc!)

Combo 2:

Repeat left lead from Away, total 32. (I think this one is understandable. If not

Combo 3:

Repeat left lead from Away, total 32

TIP: When I was building this, I did both power taps with a "HOLD" on top, then had them march on top with which ever foot was doing the next movement while I explained what was coming next. Then later removed the marches.)

After all the building, I did these 3 combinations 3 x like this:
Round 1: Combo 1,1,2,3
Round 2: Combo 1,2,2,3
Round 3: Combo 1,2,3,3

Now for the SURPRISE: Save about 10 minutes for this. You might want to take a water break here because the arrangement will be different. Let them know they can forget everything else - new stuff comin' up!

                  . partner - facing the back
XXXXX   XXXXX   XXXXX    (Home   Middle   Away)
 .you - facing forward

Think of this as double horizontal step with a partner when you face each other, I just put a step in the middle. There will be a time when you are both on the middle step, but won't be stepping on each other's feet....promise!


Repeat left lead from Away, total 32 count

Repeat positions


I'm gonna get lots of emails on this one.....which is understandable. I can send a video clip if necessary. It really is alot of fun once you get it. Leave it to me to step out of the ordinary!

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From: Deer Park, Texas (USA)
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