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Hey everyone!

I teach 20-22 hours a week, often 3 hours in a row, so sometimes I get tired. When that happens, I choose one of the following routines which allows me to coach and watch the progress and performance of my class and makes the members THINK!

Give Me a Break #1:

(one can use this mid-class as well as end of class) Everyone down on mat, basic ab position: knees bent/feet on floor/fingertips behind head un-laced/ elbows directly to sides. NO MUSIC. I count all the members present. Whatever the number, I multiply by "10" and announce to class that they are going to perform that number of ab crunches. (in NYC, because of space, I rarely have more than 30 members at one time, so 300 crunches has so far been the limit)

This always elicits a lovely groan from the members!

Then I instruct them that I will walk around the room and when I point to one of them, they must count out loud 1 to 10 as they do their crunches. I then tell the class that everyone else (not counting) must do their own crunches to the tempo of the person counting. Members who count "slowly" are deliciously evil and members who count quickly are "deliciously kind!"

This engages everyone on an individual level...each member of class gets in on the "act!" It also helps me learn new member's names and correct form as I walk around.

I call out reminders re: breath and form and also allow them to change their ab format (rectis to obliques, long lever, short lever, planking) on their own.

To make it more fun, I'll often point to a member and say: "count 1-10 in any language but english!")

Give Me a Break #2:

Again NO MUSIC. Everyone down in basic crunch position as before. I tell the class that they are going to demonstrate for me perfect ab crunches for the next 5 minutes. WHAT'S THE CATCH? Every 15 seconds I will say "SWITCH" and they must switch to a different ab routine. (short lever to long lever, external obliques, internal obliques, rectis, faster tempo, slower tempo, planking, leg lifts. etc.) The choice is theirs.

I encourage them to challenge themselves by working the ab exercises that they have the most trouble with. without music or a beat to follow they work at their own tempo, really emphasising form.

Use these when you need a break!


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