Partner Workout without Equiptment. (Bootcamp approved!)

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I help coach our girls high school swim team, and design our dryland workouts for the team. Below is a workout I've done during "partner day." The theme is that all of the exercises are done either with, or dependant upon a partner. Great team building!

Warm-Up: Partner Tag (kind of a crazy game where you need ROOM to run. Please email me with questions, or for more information about this game.)


Wall-Sits and Stair Running/Walking Lunges: This is an idea I've borrowed from a posting on this site. (Thanks!) One of the partners does wall sits while the other does walking lunges across the room. How far across the room, or how many times across the room is up to you!

Wheelbarrow Races (2 per team, down and back twice): Again, requires some room to roam. Each team switches after they've crossed the room.

Crab Walk Races (4 per team, one personX4 and then meet in middle): Participants are on hands and feet with their bellies up towrad the ceiling. They walk on all 4's over to the wall where they are taken over by the next person. Once all 4 people have gone by themselves, all walk like a crab to the middle of the room where they will probably run into each other.

Partner Alphabet Planks: Plank position facing each other, partners give each other high fives with opposite hands. One high five per letter of the alphabet. For an extra challenge, go backward. (also borrowed from this site.)

Partner Leg Raises: One partner stands over the over partner with their hands flat, palms facing down towards their partner. The other partner raises their feet so that the bottoms of their feet touch their partner's palms.

Partner Ab Workout (feet @ 90 degrees): Partners lay down and put the soles of their feet together so that their legs are in the air and forming 90 degree angles. Continue now with your normal ab workout.

I hope this all makes sense. If not, please don't hesitate to email for clairification!


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