Good Times

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15422)

I've been usuing this combo for a while in different classes. It's a lot of fun.

Ski Repeater*-This is just another repeater knee variation. Step up on the bench with your right foot and bring your left knee up (1,2) place left foot back on the ground (3) then hop up on bench (mid air you're bringing your right foot back and placing your left foot forward- like a ski in high low) (4) then switch by jumping (mid air bring your right foot forward and left foot back) (5) left knee comes up (6) and exit the bench left right (7,8)

Here's a tip. A lot of people mess up after the weave when going into the mambo cha cha. Remind them to have their hips facing the same direction, IE. If you step right and do a weave (dragging your left leg behind and over step) your hips will be facing the West. Keep your hips facing when and step left into the mambo cha cha. you'll be doing the step touch around the East side of the step. please call me with any questions!!

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From: Roseville, California (USA)
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