Bootcamp and Strength Interval Class:)

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Cardio- Step squats down with two jacks- (step, jack, jack), back down. Start by standing at one end of the room. Squat down bringing both hands to the floor. "Walk" your hands out in front of you until your are in the upright push up position. Do a push up (or 2, or 3 or however many!) Walk your feet in to your hands and stand up. Repeat to the other end of the room.

Strength- Shoulders front raises until they start to burn. Change to lateral (side) raises until burn, Go back to front raises, one side only, switch Side raises one arm only, then switch., 8 count to the front, 8 count to the side.

Cardio- The first person sprints down and back three times and then the next person goes and so on. Then same thing with shuffles 3x. .Then same thing with high knees 3x Then same thing with karaoke (grapevine, soccer exercise-whatever it's called :) 3x

Strength- Bicep curls (regular (go up for two counts and down for one), bicep curls (go up for three counts and down for one), bicep curls at shoulder level (have them hold dumbbells at shoulder level and curl in towards face/neck for 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps) hammer tricep dips on chair (put arms and shoulder/hip width and do 1 sets of 12 dips, in between stop and have them move their hands in closer, do this for 10 more reps).

Cardio- 10. Over/under: leap sideways, but go for height-not distance. When you leap, reach up as high as you can. Immediately squat & touch the floor. Continue leaping & squatting for the length of the room. Go from one side of the room to the other & back. Shuffle left for 3, back for 2 down for three back for 2.

Strength- Back. Get a band pull it back behind down for 2 up for 2, for 15x. Then pick up your heavy weights and go into dead lifts for lower back.

Cardio- You do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds and then without rest go on to the next one. You go for 4 minutes nonstop for a total of 4 rounds. A) Jumping jacks B) Shuffle splits C) Burpees D) Star jumps

Strength- With the band put them around the ankles, and do front lunges down and side steps on the curves.

Abs- How you play Freeze Crunch is pretty easy. You do a basic crunch, but very slowly...about 5 counts up and 5 counts down. Do this for as long as you like. Then call out "Freeze!" Class must hold wherever they are in the crunch until you say "go"--whatever is your style. They must continue the crunch from where they were "frozen", whether headed up or down.

Partner (a): lays on the floor, feet facing ceiling.
Partner (b): stands on floor behind (a's) head (just behind the shoulders).
Stand and use weights for obliques.

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