Aqua Sprints

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Here is a fun class I put together last night:

Warm Up:

Triathalon 1 minute:

Start your workout with a Triahalon.
Have members run down to the deep end and back for 1 minute tell them they are approaching the water and have them sprint to now swim for 1 minute. As you approach the end of your 1 minute swim, have them sprint to their bikes and bicycle pedal for 1 minute, deep end and back.

Kicks (90 seconds):

Have half of your class kick supine on one wall, the other half at opposite wall. Kick 30 seconds under, 30 seconds break white, 30 seconds under. Now sprint to the other end and repeat your kicks as above.

Triathalon 2 minutes:

Back to the Triathalon, increase your run, swim bike to 2 minutes, again sprinting as you approach the change.

Kicks (90 seconds):

Divide class in half again, repeat the wall kicks, sprint to other side, kick again (90 seconds)

Circle sprints:

Bring members down to short end. Have them travel running, behind each other in a circle. after 30 seconds, telll them to run and pass one person, right after the run, have them change directions. continure travelling, on your cue, have them pass 2 people. Again, quickly hve them change directions. n your cue, have them pass 3 people.

Abdominal crunches, noodle work, cool down should fill a 1 hour class.

Keep Moving :)

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