Jacque's Boomerang

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One of my students came up with the name "Boomerang" for the first 8 counts of this combo, and it seemed to fit so I used it. Thought it would be best to explain the "boomerang" first, then explain the remaider of the combo:

Boomerang = 8 counts and changes the lead leg.

Now, the Whole Combo!
32 counts, reverses, tap-free, has lots of flair!

** Backdoor Knee = variation on what Carole Paradise calls a "Karate Knee", except that it begins from the small end of the board instead of the home position. A Karate Knee is the first option -- the Backdoor Knee is the second option. The difference is that there is some turning in the backdoor knee:

From the east end leading left: step knee while you begin a clockwise turn off the board to face the southwest corner of the room (1,2) / walk right,left,right diagonally toward the southwest corner of the room (3,4,5) / left side leg hopturns clockwise back toward northeast while arms V overhead (6) / walk right,left back to northeast corner of the board.

When leading right from the west end the turns are counter-clockwise.

A more advanced variation -- after the tic-toc on top, instead of exiting into a 6 count mambo: still facing the back of the room -- chug left off the east end, up up going across right, left / chug right off the west end, up up going across left,right / then exit left,right on east end turning in to face west. Finish with the Backdoor knee leading left.

Feel free to email me for the breakdown.


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