Step into Spring (I)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15793)

Combo #1 64 count

Combo #2 32 count

* L-step grapevine ham curls (16): Begin like a regular L-step. Step (1) knee (2) step to the side {this is the start of your grapevine} 3) cross right foot behind (4) step left foot out (5) curl right (6) right foot to floor (7) curl left (8) left foot to floor (9) curl right (10) grapevine back to step (11,12) step (13) knee (14) step home left (15) step home right (16). I do this 2x in the right lead corner for a total of 32 counts.

** 6 count lunge: Right lead, side mount. Step up right/left (1,2) lunge right (3) right foot back to the step (4) step down left (5) step down right (6) Repeat left lead for a total of 12 counts.

*** Turning V-step: This is an advance from a regular V-step. Its a 1/2 spin onto and a 1/2 spin off the step. Step up on to the step wide and turning so your facing the back of the room {like a reverse turn step} (1,2) Step off the step turning so youre back to where you started (3,4)

It flows nicely into the 4 count mambo-cha-cha lead change and the corner kicks.

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Step Safely

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