5 seconds up, 5 seconds back

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15799)

Hey folks!

This is simple. Good for any 4-5 minute segment of your ride (or more!). The emphasis is on coming in and out of saddle repeatedly, but not necessarily in a "jump" format. And I have a variation as well

You can prolong this past 5 minutes if you need to.

I cue the class: 5 seconds in/5 seconds out of saddle. Zone 2 resistance (zone 2 simply implies resistance that allows rider to feel road underneath her/him witho breathing into mouth. Nose breathing only)

I'll cue them in and out of saddle every 5 seconds and the emphasis is on form. Then on a 5 seconds saddle, I'll change them up..."increase resistance slightly and come up for 10 seconds, then back for 5 seconds."

And so it continues...adding resistance and time as we go.

That's 4 minutes there and you can continue as you choose or transition to anything...seated climb/standing climb/sprints. (by the end of this your class should be INTO zone 3, that is, breathing through nose and mouth, working 80-85%MHR)


Same idea, but the time remains constant.

Zone 2 start: 15 seconds up/ 5 seconds back. Each time you sit back on those 5 sec, you increase the resistance. This can be a killer! Depending on how long a song you choose! Cue your class to maintain form and keep trying to match their cadence even tho the resistance keeps increasing!

Please email me if I've not been clear!

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