Tawanda's Russian Twist with a Twist

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15803)

Targets: gluteals, hamstrings, oblique abdominals, erector spinae, shoulders, deep abdominal core

Level One exercise variation (for beginners/novice)

Equipment: stability ball
Supine Bridge Position- head and shoulders resting on the ball, hips extended; feet hip distance apart; hands above the shoulders with palms/fingers clasped together and elbows straight.
Hold the bridge position keeping the hips lifted and the backs of the shoulders pressed down into the ball. Hold for 30-45 seconds.

Level Two (beginners)

Add hip extension/ flexion

Level Three (beginners to intermediate)

With hips extended (lifted), and shins renmaining parallel to each other, roll to the right and onto the right upper arm. Your left shoulder will be stacked directly over the right shoulder, your back is entirely off of the ball. Don't cheat...get WAY onto that arm, chest facing the side wall, hips facing up. Only the outside of the upper arm/shoulder is in contact with the ball. Head/neck remains neutral, don't try to rest it down on the ball.

Hold for 30 seconds and return to a face-up, hips up (bridge) position. Repeat twisting your upper body to the left.

Level Four (intermediate)

Leave hips lifted throughout. Roll right, center, and then left, center. (16 counts). Come all the way onto the arm, not the back or shoulders. You are twisting at the waist and middle back. The hips do not turn, the knees do not sway right and left. Hands remain firmly clasped with elbows straight.

Repeat 12-16 times

Level Five (intermediate-advanced)

Same as above, but HOLD to the side (...and here's the new 'twist' on this Russian Twist...) Lift and lower the hips while in the rotated position. Remember that your obliques and deeper core muscles are holding the spine stable and hip extension is layered over the challenging balance and resistance work required for this position.

8 hip extensions per side

Level Six (intermediate-advanced)

Add a medicine ball to any of the above, holding it in hands.

Level Seven (very advanced)

Put the medicine ball down and make sure you have a spotter. Now do the Russian twist with your eyes closed.

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