Bootcamp 2

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I have access to a gym

I alternate between cardio and toning segments

Equipment used - step, body bar, BOSU, hand weights, jump rope, medicine ball, tubing

Warm up - power walk around gym, bring up to a light jog, travel while pulling legs into chest, traveling lunges, then jump rope for one minute (total 5 minutes)

Tone - With hand weights at shoulders or hip, pulse down in a low squat for 3 counts then pivot back with one leg - continue this - alternating legs going across half the gym, then come back by pivoting forward after the pulses

Cardio - line up on one end of the gym - get down into a plank - hold for a count of ten, then sprint to the other side of the gym - repeat for about 1 - 2 minutes

Tone - split lunge with right leg forward and arnold presses - 16 times - switch legs and do lateral raises with the lunge

Cardio - on the BOSU - mogul jumps (single, single, double) on the double really jump up and get some air - for one minute, then jump rope for one minute

Tone - With the tubing - hold the bands next to the handles, wrap once aroung the hand - lat pull downs with plie squats - for one minute

Cardio - on the BOSU - right leg on the BOSU, left leg on the floor -go down into squat position, keeping low, try not to let the head rise - go over the top into a squat with left leg on the BOSU and right leg on the floor - one minute

Tone - With partners - link tubing together, each person holds a handle in each hand - right leg forward, left leg back split lunges -arms shoulder level and elbows out to the side - both partners start with the arms extended, then pull back and squeeze the shoulders blades together, while doing split lunges - 16 reps - switch legs - with palms up, this time pull tubing in at the waist while doing split lunge 16 times

Cardio - straddle the step - high knees for four counts, plyo jumps onto the step four times - one minute

Tone - on the step or on the BOSU - slow and controlled alternate knees while doing bicep curls - 16 curls with palms facing up, 16 hammer curls

Cardio - legs straddle the step - up, up, down, down, football drills - one minute

Tone - right leg behind on the step or BOSU (rear leg of the lunge) left leg in front - arms over head for tricep extension - palms face in - 12 reps - switch leg position - tricep extension with palms facing front for 12 reps

Cardio - 2 minutes with the jump rope

Tone - with body bar over the shoulders - using the step vertically, right leg on the step, left leg on the floor slow and controlled, step up with the right leg while laterally raising the left - 16 reps, then repeat with other leg

Cardio - over the top of the step length wise - one minute

Tone - both hand weights in right hand - left leg on the step or BOSU - leaning over with back parallel - side rows - 16 reps, switch sides

Cardio - on BOSU - jump, jump, squat for 1 minute, then one minute jump rope

Tone - body bar across shoulder - legs wider than hip distance - squat then on the way up, bring right leg across body like a soccer kick leading with the inner part of the foot - 16 reps, then switch legs

Cardio - On the BOSU run up four times right lead leg, four times left lead leg, four alternating power knees - 2 minutes

Tone - With hand weights in each hand - shoulder shrugs - one minute

Cardio - with a partner and a medicine ball - pushing the ball from the chest - have a catch with your partner while shuffling across the gym and back - one minute

Tone - with the partner and the medicine ball - stand side by side with around four feet distance between, person on the left holds the medicine ball and squats down while arms go over towards the left ankle, person on the right squats down while arms go over to the right, then the person on the left lifts up and tosses the medicine ball to the person on the right, while the person on the right also lifts up out the squat - alternate tossing for 2 minutes

Tone - sets of push ups


Cool down

Any questions just email

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