Can-Fit-Pro 2006

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15813)

Presented by Isabelle Guay (Can Fit Pro 2006)

Block 1:


1. West corner- knee-up (1, 2), bring left foot down on home side 3, tap toe on bench with right foot 4 while twisting your hips out and arms overhead (sexy look), right foot back on bench 5, knee up turn straddle facing east wall 6, 7, 8. 3 knee repeater, change to knee-up, funky tap, knee-up-8, change to knee-up, funky tap, knee turn straddle (turn on the outside of bench) - 8

2. Shuffle forward and back on home side, change to shuffle around bench, change to shuffle 1 and weave back home. Place the first and second part together and practice. When beginning the shuffle you will be at home side facing east wall.

3. Right knee-up 2 east corner side, place right foot on floor east side of bench 3, left foot mambo forward 4, 5, left foot back on bench 6, right leg slide back home 7, left foot exit next to right foot 8. L-step- change to knee-up, mambo forward and slide - 8

4. Repeater hamstring corner to corner change to skate 3. Practice the third and fourth together.

Block 2:


1. Step up right, left facing west wall 1, 2, lunge right leg to front of bench 3, bring left foot on the bench 4, exit home side left, right 5, 6. Double knee repeater corner to corner 12 counts, + basic to complete 16 counts.

2. From the above add two more basics and then change to orbit and walk around for 4 counts. Add a spin if you wish. Finish with hamstring curls. Practice the first half together

3. On side of bench right foot on bench 1, hamstring curl with left leg 2, left foot floor 3, and right knee-up 4, basic cross 5, 6, exit right and left 7, 8. Rocking horse to the side of bench and stay- no exit- change to hamstring slide.

4. Cha cha cha 1, 2-right foot on bench 1, left foot floor &, right foot on bench 2, exit left and right 3, 4. Knee-up corner to corner. Practice the second half together.

Block 3:


1. Step up right and left 1, 2, right foot mambo wide east corner, left foot lift simultaneously 3, left foot back on bench 4, right foot in front of left foot on step 5, left foot floor back of step 6, simultaneously lifting right foot, right foot back on bench 7, left foot next to right on bench 8, exit right and left 9, 10. March 8 counts on bench exit for 10 counts, + 2 knee repeater. Change to step up side mambo wide and march 4 on step exit for ten counts +2 knee repeater. Change to side wide mambo + front mambo-10 counts + 2 knee repeater.

3. V-step (option reverse) exit home-4; straddle mambo: right foot over bench, left foot lift simultaneously 1, left foot back on floor 2, right foot back on home side as though you are doing a rock back 3, left foot lifts &, left foot back on floor 4 still on home side. 1 V-step, 1 regular mambo on bench + single knee corener to corner. In all 16 counts.

4. Step up 1, 2 facing west wall, right foot floor at back of bench 3, tap left foot with a hip twist (when taping foot your hips faces back wall) 4, left foot exits home 5, and begin pivot-8 you are now facing back wall on home side ready to start over on other lead. Knee-up corner to corner. Practice 3 and 4 together. Take it from the top.

Good luck and happy easter

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From: St. Leonard, Quebec (Canada)
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