Anna's Vertical Challenge Step

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Challenge Step

*T-step knee exit: up up straddle down knee exit side. (same as T-step except you are not exiting to the back)

*Stomping L-step across-the-top (assuming left lead):
Left foot steps/stomps on top of the bench near the east end - don't transfer all your weight onto this foot (1)
Right foot steps/stomps down off short end (2)
Left foot steps on top, moving across-the-top, right foot steps up (3-4)
Left foot steps/stomps down off the west short end (right foot lifts slightly, hovering above the step) (5)
Right foot steps/stomps on top (6)
Left foot steps back to home position, right foot follows (7-8)

*Repeater quarter pivot: it is the same as a three knee repeater except on the third knee you are going to quarter pivot to short end.

*1/2 K-step: (assuming you are on the long side lookin to the side) Step up on bench with lead foot...bring the other foot up and tap the bench next to the lead foot...step forward and off the bench with the foot that tapped...step forward and off the bench with the other foot. (also see latest moves on home page for more details)

*Reverse V- then straddle straddle: assuming (right) lead- right foot steps on west side side of bench (1) (left) foot turns and steps on east side of bench (2) ( you are now looking at back of room) (right) foot straddles down on front of the bench (3) (left) foot straddles down on back of bench (4) end in a straddle

*Across lunge (8 count): push across the top (1&2)...instead of exiting of you will go right into a lunge and exit (right) (2) then (left) (2) exit (2)

*Double L (assuming you are looking north with the Bench normal with (right) lead) go into a normal L...on third Knee you will turn to face west and straddle

*L-step momba chacha- (assuming you are looking north with the Bench normal with (right) lead) go into a normal L (4 count)...on third knee you will momba instead (2 count)...chachacha turn (2 count)...momba (2 count...cha cha cha turn (2 count).

*Over lunge: same as *across lunge except you are goining over the short end.

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From: Columbus, Georgia (USA)
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