Jacque's Double-Single Stomp Variations

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15817)

32 counts, tapfree, reversing. (Non-reversing variation by changing the last 8 counts). Breakdown at the end. This is sooo easy to teach!

* "Waltz" option: instead of stepping behind on the board on count 2, step on the floor on the North side of the board. Count 3 is on the board, and then exit. This is like a back-mambo with the front foot on the board and the back foot crossing behind to step on the floor.

** L-mambo: Step knee on West end right/left (counts 1,2); exit down left (count 3); mambo right on floor (count 4); walk backwards around the corner to home OR spin around the corner to home left/right/left/right (counts 5,6,7,8).

Breakdown for the first 16 counts:

This starts out simply as double stomps on each corner, then single stomps on each corner. Then I kick corner to corner for filler.

Layer the changes one at a time:

  1. Add direction to the first double stomp by going off the end. Keep the second double stomp as is.
  2. The second double stomp becomes a Waltz on top or "up for 3" -- it's the same foot strike except now the foot which stayed on the floor steps behind the stomping foot on the board. The next option is to take it to the floor on the North side.
  3. Bring the second single stomp to the floor. Then demo a pivot option.
  4. Do an odd number of L-steps to change the lead, fill in with kicks, and repeat on the other lead leg.
  5. Teach the kick-walk-back and whatever variation of L-step you want to use.
  6. Put it all together.

If you need a non-reversing pattern, replace the L-step with a couple of corner-corner kicks, or a full reverse turn & a basic or V ... whatever.

Have fun! Email me with questions.


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