Spin or No Spin!

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15825)

Here's an idea for participant involment that borrows from a game show on American TV that is currently popular (a show that was taken from British TV and is hosted on American TV by a Canadian) - Deal or No Deal! I call the Cycle version 'Spin or No Spin!'

Five routines are 'hidden' in envelopes and posted on the wall at the front of the class.

For example:

The routines are also listed on a board so that everyone can keep track of what routines remain.

A contestant will select one envelope. That becomes the last ride, done for 120 seconds - two minutes.

Contestant will select one of the reamining envelopes for a 30 second ride, 60 second ride and a 90 second ride. The contestant's turn will end with the 120 second ride based on the first envelope selected.

There will always be one envelope left behind.

So here is an example:

Carl (our contestant) picks envelope 4. That will become the 120 second ride, done last. It is not revealed what it consists of until it is time to do the ride.

Carl then selects envelope 1. It is opened up and is 'Seated Climb (60-80 RPM). The class does this for 30 seconds.

Carl then selects envelope 5. It is the 'Steady Ride (90 RPM)'. The class does this for 60 seconds.

Next envelope Carl selects is number 3. It is the 'Standing Climb (60-70 RPM)'. The class does this for 90 seconds. Everyone now also realises that the 120 second ride is either the 'Increasing Climb' or 'Fast Ride (100-110 RPM)' as they are the only ones remaining.

At the end of the 90 second ride, the contents of envelope 4 are revealed to be... 'Increasing Climb'. That ride is done for 120 seconds (two minutes).

This consists of 300 seconds (5 minutes) of riding. Add some time for the selection process and each contestant should take about 6-7 minutes.

With 20 minutes of steady music (somewhere around 130-135 BPM), there should be time to have three contestants make their selections.

You could make it more intesting by having a sixth routine as an offer: after the third envelope is opened, there will only be two routines left. The contestant could then have a choice - open the envelope first selected and do the routine for two minutes, or take the 'unknown', sixth routine that the instructor has to offer. This would be a 'blind' offer (the contestant would not know what it is) and if accepted, the class does it for two minutes, after which, the first envelope routine is revealed.

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